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MN lege: DFL pickup opportunities hither and yon, Part 3

by Dan Burns on October 28, 2016 · 1 comment

minnesota_state_capitolAlso, vote for your school referenda.

In SD28, it is ridiculous that there is a Republican in this D+4 seat, and that needs to end. Our candidate is Jon Pieper.

My top priority is making sure our children and grandchildren receive a high quality education. Public education must start early. Research has shown high quality preschool that prepares our children for kindergarten will increase standardized test scores and reduce the achievement gap. School preparedness is paramount.
The DFL House funded quality early-education programs and all day kindergarten. Early education programs are the best economic investment the public can make, they yield double-digit returns for every dollar put in. The DFL House also paid back the last of the education dollars taken by the Republican House in 2011.

Sen. Jeremy Miller doesn’t make headlines and the issues page of his website doesn’t really say much. But this is telling.

Sen. Miller was the deciding vote against a bill that would have invested over $25 million in a need for Winona State University, its students, and the City of Winona. The bill was defeated by only one vote.
Once again, Republican Sen. Jeremy Miller has turned his back on the students in his community and the people of Winona. Today, he joined every Republican Senator but one in voting against the Senate bonding bill, a bill which would create 39,000 jobs across the state and invest over $25 million in Winona State University’s Education Village.
(Fillmore County DFL)

DFLer Tom Jones is running in 11B, which goes R+1.

As a small business owner, Tom Jones said the economy, education and infrastructure would be his top priorities. “Our economy has improved, but too many people are still feeling the squeeze. They haven’t been well served by the partisan gridlock that pits the middle class against big corporate interests,” said Tom Jones.
(He) said he believes education is a critical component to our long-term economic competitiveness.
“Good schools and a quality education pave the way to good jobs and economic success. I’d like to support a close collaboration between our High Schools and local Technical and Community Colleges. For decades we’ve seen our young workers leave our communities for employment. It’s time to provide the economic opportunities that will hold that talent here”

Rep. Jason Rarick (R-Pine City) is a one-termer. If you hover over “Issues” on his website, note that he’s seen fit to put “2nd Amendment” right at the top.
Erin Wagner is running in 10B, which is R+3.

Having experienced an unpaid maternity leave myself, I understand the stress both short term and prolonged absences from work can put on families. This is why I support expanding Paid Family Leave and will fight to insure that Minnesotans across this great state don’t have to choose between caring for a spouse, a child, or a parent and the threat of losing their employment. Caring for our families should be of paramount importance.

Rep. Dale Lueck (R-Aitkin) has actually been running his mouth quite a bit lately, in ways uncomplimentary to himself by any reasonable standard. For example:

These are the times that try poor country bloggers’ souls, especially the moments of nincompoopery that Representative Dale Lueck, R-Aitkin, dropped in a debate this week..
In District 10B candidates share positions, Chelsey Perkins’ coverage for the Brainerd Dispatch of a candidate forum between Lueck and DFL challenger Erin Wagner, we read this passage:

. . . Funding for broadband internet expansion in rural areas, was also a success, he said, adding metro legislators don’t understand those needs.
“Frankly, they just don’t know what you’re talking about when we’re talking about no coverage or spotty coverage,” Lueck said.

Everybody knows “metro legislators” is Republican code for “DFL.” But as the infographic at the top of this page illustrates, those God-awful metro-centric Democrats stated the digital divide quite clearly when they posted the image to the Minnesota House DFL Caucus Facebook page on January 21, 2016.
(Bluestem Prairie)

Ginny Klevorn is running in 44A (R+3).

Ginny will fight for affordable and accessible health and elder care that supports and strengthens our families. Ginny knows that we must support our aging population, working families, and women with public policy that put the health care decisions into the hands of families, with options available to them that are affordable. We must make child care more affordable and invest in our earliest learners. Ginny also knows the importance of keeping our kids healthy and safe by protecting our environment, including our beautiful parks, and by investing and promoting public policy that supports healthy communities.

Rep. Sarah Anderson (R-Plymouth) is chair of the Government Finance Committee. She’s been closely involved with some ridiculous, and anti-democratic, stuff, like a hard cap on the number of state employees, and an extreme gerrymandering bill.
From Mac Hall: Is it Party First or district needs ?
Well, let’s look at how Jeremy Miller (SD28) voted in this year’s bonding bill. The Senate’s first draft failed, largely along party lines. If Miller had joined fellow Republican Carla Nelson in breaking with his minority party, the bill would have passed … the bill included funding for the Lanesboro dam — which is in the district that he is supposed to represent.
So, if you are a Party First voter, Jeremy Miller is your man … but if you care about Winona, Lanesboro, etc., well you may want to give Jon Pieper a chance.

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