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MN lege: GOP FUBARed Resources Commission

by Dan Burns on June 6, 2016 · 1 comment


Normally the Legislature embraces all but a thin margin of projects sanctioned by the commission. But this year, House Republicans authored a combination of cuts and replacement projects that were met by a resounding batch of line-item vetoes from Gov. Mark Dayton.
In the end, the LCCMR’s $46.3 million natural resources bill was reduced to $37.9 million, and key participants are still feuding.
“I think it’s irresponsible behavior,’’ LCCMR co-chair Nancy Gibson said Friday in her assessment of major changes penned by Republican Rep. Tom Hackbarth of Cedar in a committee chaired by Rep. Denny McNamara, R-Hastings. The two legislators also are voting members of LCCMR.
Gibson commended Dayton for nixing the replacement projects favored by Hackbarth and McNamara, saying some were unconstitutional and none were reviewed by the commission. “He [Dayton] closed the door on abuse, which I think is great,’’ said Gibson, who originally was appointed to LCCMR by Gov. Tim Pawlenty.
(Star Tribune)

Effective and enlightening coverage from Bluestem Prairie:
After line-item vetoes of special-interest raids on LCCMR funds, McNamara slithers off ballot

The big pout: Hackbarth quit attending LCCMR meetings after losing co-chair vote to Persell

I don’t know that this would work, in and of itself, as a major campaign issue. More as part of the pattern of legislative Republicans having repeatedly failed all Minnesotans. Especially rural residents, to whom GOPers promised much before the 2014 election, and as of two years later have delivered next to nothing.
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From Eric Ferguson: I have it from a legislator I won’t name that McNamara was angry about Dayton’s vetoes of his unvetted projects, and that is likely why he dropped out. From the sources in the post, McNamara filed, then convinced a buddy of his to file minutes before the deadline, and McNamara dropped out during the two days after filing candidates can withdraw. I assume much to the chagrin of the district’s Republicans, and maybe some DFLers who would have run for an empty seat, McNamara and Tony Jurgen clearly gamed this. The winner in all this is maybe Don Slaten, who was the only DFLer to file and didn’t play any games. Apparently he already has one campaign under his belt, so what a prime pickup opportunity in a purple district.

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