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MN lege: GOP looks to rig electoral vote for Republicans

by Dan Burns on January 30, 2017 · 1 comment

minnesota_state_capitolThis sick, depraved plan – awarding electoral votes proportionally in many blue/swing states, but keeping them winner-take-all in red ones – has actually been broached in a number of states since 2010, but has yet to get over the hump anywhere.

The House Government Operations and Elections Policy Committee Legislation spent 30 minutes discussing a bill that would potentially split up the state’s 10 electoral votes based on how candidates perform across the state. No action was taken, but it was kept alive for possible inclusion in a broader elections package. And it probably will remain viable given that Republican House Speaker Kurt Daudt is a co-sponsor.
Like all but two states, Minnesota has always assigned all of its electoral votes to the statewide popular vote winner. Since 1976, that’s meant Democratic presidential hopefuls have had them in their column.
The proposed change would decide the votes based on outcomes in each congressional district, with the statewide winner getting the remaining two. If such a setup had existed last year, Republican nominee Donald Trump would have earned half of the 10 votes.

You might think that even the most die-hard right-wing legislators would have some sort of ethical qualms, about trying to rig elections as if we’re in North Korea or something, but apparently not. Anyway, Minnesota isn’t the only state where this is going on.

Donald Trump just won the presidency due to the Electoral College despite losing the popular vote, but Republican legislators in key states are plotting to make our electoral system even less democratic. Republicans in Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Virginia have all proposed allocating one electoral vote to the winner of each congressional district and two to the statewide winner, something that only Maine and Nebraska currently do. While this change might sound like a more proportional reform, Republicans have only one purpose in mind: gerrymandering the Electoral College…
No other democracy uses an electoral college to pick their president precisely because it’s so insanely undemocratic. With rampant gerrymandering, voter suppression laws, efforts to nullify election losses, and the president himself claiming bogus election fraud, Republicans have already demonstrated repeatedly that they reject the legitimacy of the Democratic Party and even democracy itself. If the GOP continues down this path and do indeed try to gerrymander the Electoral College, America’s ongoing constitutional crisis over the imperiled state of our democracy could come to a dangerous head.
(Daily Kos)

We need some public outrage, here. Spread the word, if you please.
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From Dog Gone: Consider the word spread.
You can bet the MN GOP would be fighting this tooth and nail if they didn’t see a way to rig an election for one party over others.
That argues these are not principled people by any definition. Rather they are ugly opportunists and crooks who hate real democracy, who despise representative government of the people, by the people, and most of all, for the people.

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