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MN lege: GOP uses +1 Senate majority to stack committees

by Dan Burns on January 18, 2017

minnesota_state_capitolThe assertions in the article are backed with ample quantities of data.

This year, (Minnesota Senate) Republicans get to appoint whomever they want to these committees. Fairness, tradition, the will of the electorate, and clearly established Senate Rules (see section 10.1) demand that Republicans do not simply screw Democrats on this.
Whatever party proportions are overall, that’s what committees are supposed to look like too. Which means that most should be about half and half, with a teensy advantage to the GOP.
But this session, Republicans are doing away with all pretense of bipartisanship. They’ve stacked the committees with so many of their own guys, Democrats will be totally powerless to object to any bills they want to ram through.
(City Pages)

This is actually just a small, but significant, example of the sort of thing that’s been going on all over this country, at all levels of power, for a while now. One of the clear lessons of history is that when those who’ve been provided tremendous wealth and power feel it threatened, they will, often via their political toadies, resort to ever-worsening excesses to try to hold on. Voter suppression, right-wing judicial overreach, and the use of Republican-owned “news” media as an all-but-explicit propaganda tool are just three of the most flagrant current examples. And it’s all really brought us to a wonderful place, now, hasn’t it?

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