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MN lege: To the session’s end, Part 3

by Dan Burns on May 24, 2017

mncapitol2What all is going to be signed into law probably during the next day or two has plenty that is bad, but could be a whole lot worse. Scant comfort. The St. Paul Pioneer Press has a good overall guide.

– Check out this nasty crap. The blockquote is typed from the article “$46B budget signed, not sealed” from this morning’s Minneapolis Star Tribune print edition, as I can’t seem to find that article online.

As part of the agreement with Dayton, Republicans kept the (pre-emption) measure out of their budget bills…
But to make the veto more painful, Republicans loaded the bill with other provisions that are important DFL priorities, including a measure to punish wage theft and another to provide paid sick and family leave for state workers, who already have the benefit but would lose it if Dayton does not sign the bill…
Dayton said…that he would honor his commitment and veto the bill anyway.

– Health and Human Services will see cuts. From that same Strib article:

To offset significant cuts to health and human services, Dayton and legislators agreed to dip into the Health Care Access Fund – funded by a 2 percent tax on medical providers that is scheduled to disappear in 2020.

– Tax cuts for the rich. More here. Probably everything noted in those two linked articles didn’t make it into the final package. But based on what we’re seeing now, at least much of it did.


There’s a lot more, of course. But for those whose ordinary human empathy and sense of fairness haven’t disappeared into extremes of right-wing motivated reasoning and cognitive rigidity, to try to put it all into one post would be overwhelming, and not in a good way.

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