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MN SD35: GOP “moderates” and crazies clash

by Dan Burns on December 29, 2015 · 3 comments

Minnesota-State-CapitolThe special election primary is on January 12, and the general is February 9, for this north metro seat. On our side, the candidate is DFL-endorsed Roger Johnson. (More on that here, from Developers Are Crabgrass, and here, from the SD35 DFL.) Republicans would seem to have a strong candidate in well-regarded Jim Abeler, who was in the Minnesota House for a long time. But the caucus endorsed Andy Aplikowski, a long-time right-wing activist/blogger whose online efforts I’ll let speak for themselves. And a website has been posted that ain’t real subtle, attacking “Liberal Jim Abeler” with many caps and exclamation points.

Jim Abeler opposes school choice!
What tax increases DOESN’T Jim Abeler vote for???
Jim Abeler supports Northstar Rail!
(Abeler Truth)

(There’s a similarly-themed Facebook page, too, with 6 “likes” as of this posting.)
I will say this for Aplikowski & Co., they know their base. Unfortunately, in a district like this, getting a more extreme Republican on the general election ballot isn’t necessarily a losing strategy, though it does give us a better shot at an upset. What it would mean, if the GOP wins, is a state senator who is unlikely to ever be part of doing anything legislatively worthwhile, here in the real world.
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From Eric Ferguson:
The thing about special elections is that they’re, you know, special. Few people bother to vote, so if one party can do unusually well at GOTV, it can win a district where it’s normally not favored.

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