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MPR declines to ask Daudt about truck shopping with a gun

by Eric Ferguson on February 22, 2014 · 3 comments

kurt-daudtState House minority leader Kurt Daudt was on MPR’s Daily Circuit Thursday, appearing with Speaker Paul Thissen. MPR has covered the story about Daudt deciding he needed a gun to go look shopping for a Bronco on its web site, but not on the air, at least not that I could find searching the MPR web site. The opportunity presented with Daudt in the studio was not taken. I’m sure Daudt would have danced around the issue, proclaiming the legality of having a loaded gun or his right to have a gun, but at least it seems Kerry Miller needed to ask the question: why did you carry a gun to go shopping for a truck? Or SUV, however a Bronco is classified. As a follow up, why was it loaded and accessible to a passenger who had already had trouble with the law?
I’m not suggesting Miller let Daudt off the hook on everything. She did call him a couple times on his repetition of the typical GOP blather about MNSure. Paraphrasing, “Some people’s premiums went up, so MNSUre is a miserable failure!” “Didn’t they have crap plans that covered bugger-all and now they have actual insurance?” “Why isn’t it enough to just hate Obamacare? Stop with all these facts!” Daudt did get a bit of rough time, getting called on false claims by Thissen and by callers.
So I’m not saying it was a creampuff interview. I am saying the elephant in the room was ignored. Maybe the reason for ignoring it was there was a previous agreement that questions would stay strictly on the upcoming session, which yes, was the point of the program (to be clear, I’m speculating, and have no idea what they agreed to or if MPR makes such agreements with guests); or I can imagine this would have been awkward: “Rep. Daudt, why were you recklessly placing an innocent family in danger of being shot by an idiot with the gun you handled with gross irresponsibility, and Mr. Speaker, shouldn’t the bonding bill be larger with interest rates so low?” Yeah, the MNGOP would have flipped over that one. Still, the fact remains, one guest tucked a loaded gun under the passenger seat, and the other didn’t. Balance really isn’t possible without ignoring the obvious.

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