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Mundane Law Forces Ethics on Catholic Bishop

by Grace Kelly on December 2, 2013 · 5 comments

archbishop 3Archbishop John Nienstedt is classically saying one thing while actually acting to do the opposite. On the Catholic Archdiocese website, through the words of Jim Accurso, the Archbishop claims to want to protect children.


Sharing information about clergy who have substantiated claims of sexually abusing minors is a critical element of Archbishop Nienstedt’s commitment to strengthening archdiocesan procedures so that victims can begin to heal and to ensure the safety of minors in our care… As part of the previously stated plan to ensure a comprehensive approach to address the issue of clergy sexual misconduct, the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis today announced that it is prepared to disclose its initial list of clergy who have substantiated claims of abuse of a minor against them.


Well, that would mean that all and any evidence of sexual misconduct is immediately turned over to police, right? No, even though everyone thought that the Archbishop had the ability, indeed even the moral obligation to turn over evidence, he didn’t do it. Archbishop Nienstedt waited until the courts forced him to turn over evidence.


Archbishop Nienstedt kept up the pretense that courts had to give him “permission” to turn over evidence. Well, the courts mandated turning over evidence today. And if Archbishop Nienstedt was telling the truth, then he would have released all the data as soon as the courts gave “permission”. Did that happen today? No, only a partial list was released.The court gave until Jan 6  for turning over all evidence.


This gives all the offending priests more time to move or to prepare a defense or to just continue their previous practices for another month.


Actions speak louder than words. Archbishop Nienstedt protects priests first, no children first.


What is that word when words and actions don’t match? Oh, yeah. And it is now really obvious that Archbishop  Nienstedt lies very well!

Michael Skiendzielewski December 8, 2013 at 1:50 pm


And the children, families and parishioners of the Archdiocese of Minneapolis-St.Paul are supposed to rely on this approach to ensure the safety and protection of their children from sexual predation and abuse ?

Rev. Reginald Whitt, professor of canon law at University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis – Director of Task Force, Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

“Canon law is very eloquent on what a bishop is supposed to do, but there is no list of Thou Shalt Nots,” says Father Reginald Whitt (2002). “These (sex abusers) are criminals, but they are our criminals and we can’t lose them. Indeed, the bishops have a duty to try to save them,” says the Rev. Reginald Whitt, professor of canon law at University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. (2002)

“……BISHOPS HAVE A DUTY TO TRY TO SAVE THEM (sex abuser priests)…..” Well, Fr. Whitt, where is it written (no, not in text or canon law…….it is written in one’s heart and soul) that the bishops have a duty to try to save the CHILDREN ABUSED and INNOCENT CHILDREN from the risk of abuse?

Seems like little has changed since these issues were studied over a decade ago by during the Dallas Charter Charade of the USCCB.

Father Whitt has a degree in canon law and civil law. Which perspective will take prominence and priority when he reviews the findings of the task force committee he established to review the debacle in the archdiocese? It is humanly, ethically and morally IMPOSSIBLE to avoid/resolve the conflicts of interest from both perspectives (civil and canon law) when attempting to review and support the rights of priests vs the rights of child victims.

Michael Skiendzielewski
Captain (Retired)
Philadelphia Police Dept.

Judy Jones December 8, 2013 at 2:01 pm

Now a bit more truth has been exposed because brave victims forced Archbishop Neinstedt to release the names of these accused priests.
So let’s hope that anyone who may have knowledge or may have been harmed by Thomas Adamson, John Brown, Cosmas Dahlheimer, Gilbert DeSutter, Gilbert Gustafson, Louis Heitzer, Rudolph Henrich, Francis Hoefgen, Richard Jeub, Dennis Kampa, Robert Kapoun, Jerome Kern, Lee Krautkremer, Ronan Charles Liles, Alfred Longley, Brennan Maiers, Timothy McCarthy, John McGrath,, Paul Palmitessa, Joseph Pinkosh, Francis Reynolds , Richard Skluzacek, Michael Stevens,Thomas Stitts, Robert Thurner, Clarence Vavra, Joseph Wajda, Raymond Walter, Curtis Wehmeyer, Robert Zasacki , Eugene Corica , Robert Loftus, Patrick Ryan, and/or Roger Vaughn will find the courage and strength to come forward, and contact law enforcement, no matter how long ago it happened.
Keep in mind your silence only hurts, and by speaking up there is a chance for healing, exposing the truth, and therefore protecting others.
Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, 636-433-2511,
SNAP “Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests”

Grace Kelly December 8, 2013 at 3:48 pm

It takes alot of courage to come forth. It is also taking back ones own life and standing up to power. Every person coming forward is helping to prevent future attacks.

Valerie December 9, 2013 at 11:08 am

This additional month also gives Archdiocesan attorneys additional time to cover what they need to cover. Since 2004, the statute of limitations hasn’t run out. Memories are fresher and civil law has given victims a voice. It may also give the Archdiocese time to look under rocks they’ve been avoiding looking under before Jeff Anderson does.

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