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Norm’s back!

by Dan Burns on January 6, 2015

weasel1Norm Coleman, former U.S. Senator from Minnesota and now boss of the right-wing political spending outfit American Action Network (Minnesota Action Network is presumably a subsidiary, or something), is being more than just a nuisance. Minnesota got along quite nicely pretty much without Norm, for quite some time, and I think most agree that we would continue to do so. No such luck.

Norm Coleman. Education reform. Those terms don’t fit together, do they? But, as a former teacher, I’m offended to see Coleman’s Minnesota Action Network buying post-election TV ad air time to paint those protective, head-in-the-sand teachers unions as the bad guys who are keeping good, young teachers out of parents’ children’s classrooms through teacher tenure rules, which protect seniority through the LIFO (last in, first out) lay-off rules…
No one in his ad ever says that the senior teacher next door probably did just as exceptional work with his/her students, or that many of our jobs actually value the long-time, experienced staffer as having learned to do their work well and efficiently, and being able to provide guidance and mentorship to the new, young, inexperienced employee.
(Observations from Andover)

(If you haven’t, and you just gotta, you can view the ad here.)

One of the more annoying aspects of Campaign 2014 in Minnesota was the deluge of independent expenditure political mail sent for and against state house candidates in swing districts.
Even more annoying? The “issue” mail Norm Coleman’s Minnesota Action Network sent to voters addressing an issue Norm had with a DFL state senator. On November 1, Bluestem posted about the extra nuisance in 2016 prep work? MN Action Network sends out issue attack mail in suburban senate district.
And as the lit piece above illustrates, Norm’s back, with an oversize postcard we’re told was sent to every voter in Carlson’s district.
(Bluestem Prairie)

So, what are Coleman’s motivations? Probables/possibles:
– AAN spent considerably on losing causes in MN-07 and MN-08. If MAN can somehow help produce political “victories” at the state level, now, I suppose all of that previous spending won’t have to be classified as wasted.

– There truly are visions that we’re at the beginning of a “Republican resurgence” in Minnesota, and Norm plans to be at the head of it. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that plenty of righties here honestly believe, on the basis of the last election, that they’re in line for huge legislative gains in both chambers in 2016, based on brilliant exploitation of the alleged “rural/urban divide.” These people are messed up.
– Norm intends to reestablish himself as a leading figure in the state, after the humiliation of his Senate reelection loss in 2008. You know that one will never stop burning, with an ego the size of his.
I suppose that it’s all of the above, in some combination. And I’m sick of it already.
(Image: Minnesota DNR)

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