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Open Secrets: Wall Street Money is Hillary’s Stinky Albatross

by Invenium Viam on November 19, 2015 · 4 comments

Three monkeys
Dem’s on Hillary’s Ties to Wall Street

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Matthew 6:24 : King James Bible



OK, so I took lot of heat from people who know me about my last post Wall Street Corruption Could Sink both Hillary and the Democrats in 2016. The major complaint seems to be that Hillary’s sins aren’t any darker than a hundred other pols who prefer to be elected when they run, so why get my undies all in a bunch and create discord and rancor where none exists? Like, chill, man … it’s all good.


Maybe I’m just an excitable guy. I think some of the unhappiness comes from the fact that that blog post got cross-linked and added to several progressive blogs around the country that have pulled together a list of scholarly articles about Hillary’s ties to Wall Street. That tends to make some folks a little queasy … like maybe there’s something to really consider about whether Hillary is a bit too cozy with the guys who took your money? About $58,000 on average for middle-class families, by one estimate. Hey, 60 G’s going from your pockets into theirs ain’t nothing to sneeze at, my friend. I’ve known guys who’ve done some serious time over sums like that.


The major thrust of that earlier post was that Hillary needs to get out in front of this issue NOW. The political pundits and opinion leaders are already shaping the perceptions of the electorate as to how this issue should be understood. The mood of the electorate is already shaping the 2016 presidential election as a populist referendum. GOP candidates are climbing all over each other in their zeal to appear as the 2016 GOP Yearbook’s ‘Most Populist to Succeed’ candidate. Meanwhile, Hillary has been side-stepping left and back to center like a 5-year old kid who has to pee real bad, while making some sympathetic populist noises, but so far the BS meter for both voters and the press hasn’t budged off the Red Zone peg.


Remain calm. All is well.And all the while, the DNC is acting like everything is hunky-dory, business as usual, let’s nobody get too excited. They kinda remind me of Kevin Bacon’s character in Animal House, who kept yelling “Remain calm! All is well!”

You can expect the right-wing to use the issue of her Wall Street benefactors to hammer Clinton going into caucus season with the real clear intention of driving a wedge between progressives and moderates among Democrats and with the fondest hopes of handing Sanders the nomination. They’ll be dancing with glee if they can run against Sanders. Meanwhile, they’ll be pumping spine-twisting fear of ISIS and terrorist sleeper cells in every small town and big city neighborhood directly into the leg veins of the uninformed electorate with 500CC syringes, all the while condemning Sanders as an American Stalin in embryo and Clinton as the modern incarnation of Neville Chamberlain or the quisling SoS who let Americans die in Benghazi. Prob’ly maybe a little of both just for good measure …


But it ain’t that bad, people tell me. All is well.


Oh yes? Well let’s take a look, shall we? Just scan over the images below from Open Secrets for the career top contributors to Hillary Clinton thru 2016 and for Bernie Sanders thru 2016. Then tell me who you think is likely capture the votes of a 2016 electorate in a fiery populist mood? And if 2016 plays out as I suspect it will, with the Democrats at both the national and state levels trying to stonewall Sanders and prop-up Clinton despite her many sins and lack of charisma, the mood among Dems could get real ugly, real fast. Wall Street payola could split the party and the national convention could get mean-spirited and ugly in a way we haven’t seen since Chicago ’68.


Hillary needs to get in front of this issue NOW, before the goodwill and solidarity among Dems evaporates and the glacier starts to move.


Bernie's top donors

Bernie’s Top Donors ~ Career

Hillary's top donors

Hillary’s Top Donors ~ Career

Comments below fold.

From Dan Burns: I have no intrinsic problem with fact-based stuff like this. Just pointing out, this polling came out today:

“On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton leads with 59% to 26% for Bernie Sanders and 7% for Martin O’Malley. Our last national poll without Joe Biden in it was in July and at that time we found Clinton leading Sanders by 35 points at 57/22. These numbers suggest not a whole lot has changed in terms of the overall contours of the race since that time…
Bernie Sanders does on average 6 points worse than Clinton in comparable general election match ups.”
(Public Policy Polling)

The Hillary-bashing that has come to dominate #FeelTheBern online clearly is not extending his support. It might be time to shift tactics.
From Invenium Viam: Thanks Dan. Although the point is not to bash Hillary. The point is that the issue is forming up as an ‘Achille’s Heel’ for Democrats and one that can divide the party and give ammunition to the opposition. This one I think they can make stick with the voter’s, who are clearly in a populist mood. The only person who can fix that is Hillary herself.
From Dan: Concern troll is concerned.
Clinton will crush Sanders because he is an awful candidate.
The Republicans can’t go after her Wall Street money and no one cares anyway.

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