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Plans for lame-duck TPP push engender intense and righteous opposition

by Dan Burns on August 12, 2016 · 1 comment

ellisontppBut nothing’s over. Not even close.

There are lots of stories in the media claiming that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is dead for now.
And why wouldn’t TPP be dead? Both presidential candidates say they are opposed to TPP. Various Congressional leaders have said that it is unlikely to come up. Nancy Pelosi has spoken out against it. Harry Reid says he opposes it. All labor and environmental organizations along with most consumer, health, human rights and other progressive-aligned groups oppose TPP. Six Republican members of Congress who voted for the “fast track” Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) have sent a letter opposing TPP. Even the Tea Party opposes TPP, calling it “Obamatrade.” Under these circumstances, the very idea that it could come up for a vote at all, never mind that it might even pass, is an insult to democracy.
But here’s the thing: Wall Street wants TPP and the giant multinational corporations want TPP. And what Wall Street and giant multinational corporations want from Congress, Wall Street and giant multinational corporations usually get from Congress. It’s not like insulting democracy is a big no-no to that crowd. So did you really think TPP would just go away?
(Campaign for America’s Future)

It’s telling that TPP ratification is expected to be no problem in more overtly authoritarian places like Malaysia and Vietnam (maybe it’s already been ratified in those, for all I know), but is facing serious issues in the U.S., Japan, Canada, and Australia. Based on my searches this morning, Japan’s legislature is still holding off, waiting to see what the U.S. does. (It was introduced in the legislature there, then tabled.) An important Australian commission came out against the deal. Here’s an example of what the opposition is presenting in Canada, and I wish them well.
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From Dog Gone: So is the TPP more zombie kind of dead, or vampire kind of dead?
I’m voting vampire, because it appears to be more of a blood-sucking agreement.
But then again, there is something to be said for the brain-numbing brain-sucking quality of this damn thing too……..more zombie dead.

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