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Politicians display logos of the corporations they represent

by The Big E on February 6, 2013

Throughout the lefty blogosphere, folks have opined and speculated about how politicians ought to display the logos of the corporations they represent. All Republicans and many Democrats don’t represent their district or their state as much as they stand up for the corporations that donate to their reelection war chests.

When we bloggers discuss this, it’s usually in a more if-I-ran-things kind of utopian vein.

Source: WCCO’s Pat Kessler

But here’s what’s bizarre: today Rep. Tony Cornish (R-Good Thunder) may have started a precedent. He wore the corporate logo of the entity he represents at the Minnesota Legislature. Many journalists posted pictures of Cornish displaying the NRA tie.

Source: MPR

He’s not alone.



There’s former Republican Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch donning a Viking’s scarf back before her sex scandal with Michael Brodkorb broke. She was busy trying to push through a massive gift for the Vikings billionaire owner Zygi Wilf.

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