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Renewed, and likely more forceful than ever, assault on veterans’ care

by Dan Burns on March 22, 2018

veterans2The bastards are not going to give up.

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has long been the subject of aggressive privatization efforts. However, veteran organizers say the fate of the program, drowning in fresh scandals under embattled Veteran Affairs (VA) Secretary David Shulkin, has never been in more danger than it is now.
The efforts to outsource veterans care are waged by the Koch brothers and their front group Concerned Veterans for America (CVA), among other advocates of privatization. The group held a press conference to discuss its privatization efforts — which they like to call “choice” — on Friday in DC. Should they succeed in their goals, it will have consequences not only for veterans, but also for the broader movement for a public system like Medicare for All. The VHA is the only truly public, fully integrated health system in the US. The attacks against it aim to undermine public support for government-run care.

A name that is popping up a lot, to take over and then deliberately wreck the VA, is that of prominent Fox News idiot Pete Hegseth. He’s from Minnesota, and ran for US Senate here in 2012, but lost the Republican endorsement to Kurt Bills. Who Sen. Amy Klobuchar then wiped out by about 30.
Hegseth has been described as “like a FOX funded throbbing hemorrhoid causing undue pain on the body politic.” He was considered for the job last year, but ferociously righteous opposition from veterans groups torpedoed it that time. So we’ll see.

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