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Republican Truth Seekers

by EFC on December 24, 2012

As I glanced at the smug condescending countenance of cabin boy for the plutocracy, Tennessee Republican Bob Corker, at the top of a newspaper article relating the trials and tribulations of Republican truth seekers trying get to the bottom of the Benghazi fiasco, I reflected on the miraculous transformation the conservative party has experienced during the last decade.

It seems like just yesterday that a rogue’s gallery of miscreants–from George W. Bush to Tom Delay–was employing every tactic their evil brain trust could hatch to impede any avenue of investigation that would uncover the massive incompetence that led, not to the death of four American citizens, but thousands.

As in any human endeavor, without the oversight of very smart dedicated individuals, things, sooner or later, are going to go awry.  And, when a group fanatics and sociopaths-like the principles of the Bush II administration-are calling the shots, things are going to go south in a very dramatic and catastrophic fashion.

Of course Republicans don’t have a lock on imperial arrogance and delusion.  And, parking a minimally secure embassy inside a wild-west of bad actors of every conceivable stripe is proof.

But the primary motive of The Grumpy Old Men of the Senate was not likely a soul searching of possible blow-back resulting from Imperial folly.  More likely, before the election, it was to attack the President, and after, to strike a preemptive blow against the most likely 2016 Democratic presidential candidate–Hilary Clinton.

And, given the slate of buffoons and charlatans proffered by the GOP in 2012-along with it’s lack of appeal–except to select blocks of white voters-it may need a head start.        

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