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Republicans block anti-bullying bill in Minnesota State Senate

by The Big E on May 20, 2013 · 4 comments


“This failure is only a setback.” — Sen. Scott Dibble

Republicans in the Minnesota State Senate hit another low in their quest for even lower and lower depths to plumb. They promised a 10 hour filibuster against a anti-bullying bill. The State House passed the bill already.


The bottom line is they are bigots (except for the few who voted for marriage equality). Their main objection, though they hide it as best they can, is that the bill would protect gay and lesbian kids from bullying in schools. In their twisted minds they don’t see a problem with bullies enforcing their belief that being gay or lesbian is wrong. Most importantly, they will never ever recognize the suffering of the LGBT kids.


They lost on marriage equality, but are determined to make sure the suffering of LGBT kids remains exactly as it is.


Democratic State Sen. Scott Dibble told Minnesota Public Radio Monday morning that “Republican after Republican got up and said ‘I talked to superintendents and they say things are just fine in our schools.’ Not one of them talked about talking to kids themselves. Well, I talked to literally hundreds of kids and they tell us things are not fine in their schools.”

Minnesota has the weakest, vaguest anti-bullying statute in the country. But Republicans couldn’t care less about the children suffering because of bullying.


Republican Senators have proven during the marriage equality debate that they are bigots. Because they believe that homosexuality is evil and/or wrong, they take any opportunity to make them suffer because of what they as a “lifestyle choice.”


Dibble provided this statement to me:

“I am profoundly disappointed in Senate Republicans promise to filibuster and effectively kill a bill that would have, at long last, replaced the country’s weakest anti-bullying statute with an effective measure to ensure students can go to school knowing that they are valued, that they will be safe, and that they have an equal shot in life. It is a shame that Republicans have again turned a deaf ear to the needs of students, parents, and teachers who have so courageously brought their stories to the Capitol year after year.”

Dibble continued on his Facebook page:


So much for Republicans’ vows to refashion themselves as a more inclusive and “caring” party in the aftermath of their last elections’ shellacking. How does killing a bullying bill by threatening a 10 hour filibuster in the closing hours of the legislative session square with that? I assured Minority Leader David Hann, who delivered the threat to me personally, that we will pass every single word of this bill into law as soon as we return to the second half of this biennial session next February. It is unconscionable to force Minnesota students to endure another year without the safety and support in their own schools that is their right. Hard to believe I serve with people who cannot hear the plea for help that Minnesota kids have brought to the Capitol year after year.

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