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Republicans pretends locking Senate doors wasn’t about keeping DFL Senators from marriage equality signing ceremony

by The Big E on May 17, 2013 · 2 comments

steaming-pile-of-manure 55Pratt
Steaming pile of manure Sen. Eric Pratt (R-Prior Lake)

When Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton was signing the marriage equality bill into law on the Capitol steps on Tuesday, Republicans pulled a really petty, childish maneuver. They called a series of procedural votes that prevented DFL Senators from joining the celebration on the Capitol Steps including barring the doors so nobody could leave.
Here’s Sen. Scott Dibble’s reaction:

But Sen. Eric Pratt (R-Prior Lake) is pretending that isn’t what it was about.

But reached for comment today, the MNGOP Senator who first proposed locking the doors, Eric Pratt of Prior Lake, said the bill signing ceremony had nothing to do it.
“There weren’t many senators on the floor at the time, and I thought it was a pretty important point that we were talking about,” Pratt said. At the time, the Senate was in the midst of debating a bill to allow child care workers to take unionization votes.
“I thought it was an important enough discussion that everyone who could be should be there,” Pratt added.
(City Pages)

Let me get this straight …
During the early stages of what turned out to be a 17 hour filibuster of a bill to allow child care providers to join labor unions if they want to, he thought these bull**** tactics were SO vitally important that Republicans needed to make a motion of adjournment and then a motion to lock the doors? Why couldn’t their bull**** be dealt with at 7pm or 10pm or 3am or 5am?

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