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Republicans prevent DFL Senators from attending marriage equality signing ceremony

by The Big E on May 16, 2013 · 15 comments

imagesqtbnANd9GcRhlLTHok0fDiQpsx_IVQRQg-lVMpygkf1rEyJsns1mZT-bzjRXThere is a reason you didn’t see any Minnesota State Senators at the marriage equality signing ceremony on the State Capitol steps. It is because the Republican Senators behaved like absolute jerks. Only the bill’s authors, Sen. Scott Dibble and Sen. Tony Lourey, attended.
The rest were called to the floor of the Senate for a series of useless, time-wasting procedural motions.
Republicans called in all Senators to the floor for an adjournment vote. This is the highest ranking motion legislators can file and requires the attendance of all Senators. There is no debate or discussion, but DFLers needed a majority there to make sure the Republicans couldn’t end the legislative session before all of the Senate’s business was completed. Like the budget, for example.
clowns-1Once everyone (aside from Dibble and Lourey) were in the chamber, Republicans filed a arcane motion requiring Sargeant-At-Arms to bar the doors and prevent any Senators from leaving.
The sole purpose of these procedural votes was to make sure that the DFLers couldn’t join their friends, families and constituents on the Capitol steps and celebrate our momentous victory.
BTW, DFLers didn’t pull any bull**** like this when the bigots passed their bill to get the anti-marriage amendment on the ballot back in 2011.
What a bunch of sad and petty clowns.

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