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Republicans’ Southern strategy dooms them

by The Big E on June 14, 2013

birth-rateWe all know the Republicans’ game plan when it comes to election time. Push wedge issues that play to their racist, xenophobic base. It’s called the Southern strategy.
In the Southern strategy, Republicans recognize they aren’t going to get more than 10% to 20% of minority votes and just write off even trying to appeal to them. Initially, this just applied to writing off the African-Americans of America. But now it applies to all non-whites.
And they are doomed.

More than half of all babies born last year were members of minority groups, the first time in U.S. history. It’s a sign of how swiftly the USA is becoming a nation of younger minorities and older whites.
Hispanics, blacks, Asians and other minorities in 2011 accounted for 50.4% of births, 49.7% of all children under 5 and slightly more than half of the 4 million kids under 1, the Census Bureau reports today.
(USA Today)

So every year as Republican candidates get more and more extreme, their party will become more and more irrelevant. And this applies to Minnesota, too. As MN becomes more diverse, the MNGOP will keep appealing to a smaller and smaller piece of the pie. Right now, around 25% (max 30%) of Minnesotans identify themselves as Republican.
And this doesn’t account for the conservatives who can no longer stand how far to the right the party has gone and are now voting DFL.
Graph: USA Today

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