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Romney clone McFadden’s really really bad campaign roll-out

by The Big E on June 20, 2013 · 3 comments

franken mitt-romney-sad

Mike McFadden’s campaign to become the Republican challenger to Sen. Al Franken hasn’t been going very well. His campaign roll-out was supposed to be in June but got scooped and he’s been on the defensive ever since.
McFadden is nowhere to be found, has yet to offer a single policy specific and is unwilling to introduce himself to Minnesotans beyond a highly staged 3-minute web video.
“It’s been three weeks since McFadden’s announcement for U.S. Senate and he’s already hiding from Minnesotans,” said Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Chairman Ken Martin. “Mike McFadden is a disaster of a candidate and he’ll be a disaster for Minnesota.”
McFadden’s timing couldn’t have been worse. Michele Bachmann gobbled up all of the political media’s attention by retiring. The only coverage he’s gotten has been bad:

“Mike McFadden’s job-killing Lazard is directly responsible for thousands of layoffs — including layoffs in Duluth,” Carrie Lucking, Executive Director of the Alliance for a Better Minnesota, wrote in a press release. “McFadden is just another rich guy who likes to fire people.”
But McFadden’s campaign manager, Tom Erickson, said McFadden and his company, Lazard Middle Market, had nothing to do with the restructuring. ABM should take the video down, Erickson said.

But Lucking said McFadden’s company did play a role in NewPage’s restructuring. She points to Lazard Middle Market’s website that says NewPage was one of the transactions done by McFadden’s company.

And it only gets worse…

McFadden’s announcement gave reporters little notice and few attended.

In an announcement that rivaled the beginning of Mark Dayton’s 2000 Senate race, McFadden quietly revealed his intentions Wednesday — quiet because his campaign gave reporters less than an hour’s notice, allowing just one of four Twin Cities commercial television stations time to get a camera to the Capitol pressroom.
(Worthington Daily Globe)

He was unable to answer any questions about social issues and he had to immediately defend himself from comparisons to failed GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.
Republican activists were particularly inspired, either.

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