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Short on honour, among thieves

by Dog Gone on May 8, 2013

The STrib has noted some of the same old ‘crooks’ connected to the bad old MN GOP and their cooked books, (profiled here at MN clowncarPP) are flocking to join the gravy train of gubernatorial candidate Scott Honour.


Here are the latest additions to the roster of Honour’s ‘band of thieves’, announced today in the STrib:

In addition to lead strategist Pat Shortridge and finance director Shanna Woodbury, Honour announced he had hired Valentina Weis as his deputy campaign manager and Scott Howell as his media consultant.

Weis worked with U.S. Rep. Allen West of Florida as well as the Republican National Convention and Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign; Howell, of Scott Howell and Company, has worked with dozens of high profile national political campaigns.

Linda DiVall, of American Viewpoint, will do polling for Honour and Wesley Donehue, of Push Digital, will coordinate Honour’s digital campaign. Other hires include:  Brady Dube, as campaign coordinator, Sheldon Anderson, as field manager; Priscilla Pesci, in marketing; former state Sen. Ted Daley is his treasurer, Erik Johnson will be his controller and Honour’s “lifelong friend” Brian Clark will be his campaign chairman.

As noted last April, Honour’s getting the concealer-in-chief as his strategist, and the cooked-books-keeper “oh dear god, NOT an actual audit'” adviser as well:

According to a source familiar with Honour’s campaign, Pat Shortridge, who finished his term as Minnesota Republican Party chair this month, will be Honour’s lead strategist and consultant. Shortridge has worked with Republican campaigns across the country as a consultant and ran Mark Kennedy’s 2006 U.S. Senate campaign.

Shanna Woodbury, who was the GOP Party’s finance consultant, will be in charge of Honour’s fundraising effort. She has worked with many high-profile Republican campaigns including Tim Pawlenty’s and Mitt Romney’s Minnesota campaign. She worked in fundraising for Kennedy’s 2006 Senate campaign.


I’m guessing those other candidates for the job from the far right, who have less moola to play with, will have to avail themselves of the more badly disgraced party hacks. Look for the same old tire, greedy, and unsuccessful faces to line up soon.  I wonder if Big Tony can still fit in the clown car, or if his disgrace with the party has made him MN GOPersona non grata among the big shoes/red nose/ squirting boutonniere set? Because so far, the right wing nuts appear to be doubling down on their same old tired failures, both people and policies.  It’s shaping up to be another three ring circus for the elephant lovers.

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