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Sondra Erickson forced to apologize for “teacher gestapo” remark

by The Big E on January 13, 2011 · 4 comments

Rep. Sondra Erickson (R-Princeton) really stuck her foot in her mouth today.  Erickson is chair of the Education Reform Committee in the MN House.  In the wake of Saturday’s tragedy in AZ, she felt it necessary to call Education Minnesota’s proposal that candidates for alternative licenses have 90 days of supervision from an already licensed teacher, “teacher Gestapo.”  

“It sounds like the teacher Gestapo to me. I think that if a candidate comes out of one of these programs, he or she is going to be well-prepared to be in the classroom,” said Erickson. “If a district has decided that candidate should be in the classroom, I’m not sure why we would need that Gestapo at work, and I would like to visit with them about that.”

Demonizing teachers as Gestapo is just wrong.

Her remarks caused quite a kerfluffle on Twitter as many progressives lambasted her remark.  When confronted with her remarks, she apologized.

Erickson has since said it wasn’t a good choice of words. “I completely overstepped my bounds,” she told the Minnesota Independent.

Here’s two screenshots of some of the brouhaha on twitter:

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