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Stewart Mills seems to want another go at Rick Nolan and CD8

by Eric Ferguson on July 3, 2015 · 4 comments

millspartying2Stewart Mills, defeated last year in the eighth district by DFL incumbent Rick Nolan, tells The Duluth News Tribune (with a hat tip to Daily Kos Elections) that he thinks he has a better chance next year.
He said, in a statement that any time before last election would have been a “WTF” moment coming from a Republican, “Really, I didn’t lose that election so much as Rick Nolan rode Al Franken’s coattails.” Yes, he couldn’t win because of the popularity of Al Franken — the same Al Franken Republicans have insisted for years was a joke, not taken seriously, despised by everybody!! Maybe Mills at least realized “everybody” was defined as the denizens of the conservative bubble. Unfortunately, for bubblonians at least, those of us outside the bubble still get to vote.
To continue the theme, regarding winning if he tries again, Mills said, “I think it would be doable because neither (Mark) Dayton, Franken (nor) Klobuchar would be on top of the ticket if I run again. It would be between Rick Nolan and myself and the issues would largely be the same,” and later, “If I run again, there is a path to victory. It would be a race almost directly between Rick Nolan and myself — without the worry about influence from the top of the ticket.” OK, Republicans to my knowledge never said Klobuchar was despised by Minnesotans blah blah, but they sure insisted on the blah blah parts about Franken and Dayton, as if what they tell themselves on conservative talk radio is believed by everyone, until pre-election polls last year told them otherwise. So next year, it would just be Mills versus Nolan. No other elections next year higher up the ticket. Nope, can’t think of any other election going on next year. Oh right, that one.
Not to discourage Mills, as I like the entertainment of a loopy candidate like most news junkies, but if you lost in a red wave during a non-presidential year, are your odds really better next year? Yes — if you’re a Democrat.
Comments below fold.

From Dog Gone: I doubt with the number of senate races up this year that will likely cost the right the control of the senate, and with their control of the House comparatively secure until the next redistricting in 2020, that the right will be eager to support little Stewie Mills as much this next election cycle as they were the last.
In the interim, Rick Nolan’s numbers are not too bad.
Maybe Stewie is expecting Daddy big Bucks to bankroll more of his campaign this time around…….but I doubt that would be sufficient if he couldn’t win on the money he had on his side last time.
From Dan Burns: I’m waiting to see, if he does run again, whether a high and tight, boot-camp haircut will be part of the new mix.
From Mac Hall: Let’s see Cravaack spent $2.3 million and didn’t get re-elected in a Presidential year … and Mills spent over $2 million and still lost (plus all that outside money).
The fact that he wants another shot at it tells me that the RNCC is having trouble attracting another candidate … probably will want to hear what Norm Coleman says as well as the Chamber of Commerce.
No doubt that Nolan’s seat is on the RNCC target list as they seem to be issuing attacks every month … regardless of who they nominate, he will have another rough contest.

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