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Trump Administration: Crimes Against Humanity

by Invenium Viam on June 20, 2018 · 0 comments

One Nation, under God, Indivisible,
With Liberty and Justice for all …


It now appears that the Trump administration has been forcibly taking infants and toddlers from their parents and placing them in internment camps.


“Trump administration officials have been sending babies and other young children forcibly separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border to at least three “tender age” shelters in South Texas, The Associated Press has learned.

“Lawyers and medical providers who have visited the Rio Grande Valley shelters described play rooms of crying preschool-age children in crisis. The government also plans to open a fourth shelter to house hundreds of young migrant children in Houston, where city leaders denounced the move Tuesday.” AP News (7:56 am 06/20/18)


In so doing, President Trump, Attorney General Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen have deliberately and arrogantly crossed the line from immigration policy into Crimes Against Humanity.


crime a·gainst hu·man·i·ty [noun] plural noun: crimes against humanity
a deliberate act, typically as part of a systematic campaign, that causes human suffering or death on a large scale.


They have done so with the intention of forcing Democrats, elected to represent the will of the American people within their constituent districts, to comply with the administration’s immigration policies, including funding a wall on the southern border.


There is no better definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors” than Crimes Against Humanity.


In so doing, Trump and his allies have proven themselves not only racists, but fascists as well.


All Americans of any political stripe who love our country must resist with all the means we can muster.



Early Symptoms of ODS

In a heartbreaking confession of mental incompetence, Senator John “Country First” McCain broke down on the floor of the Senate chamber today and admitted he’s been suffering from a long-term mental illness.


“For anyone who still questions whether Obama Derangement Syndrome, or ODS, is real,” a sobbing McCain told fellow senators in a querulous voice today, “you need to look no further than me for living proof. Fortunately, my psychiatrist tells me that with a long rest and various medications I can expect to make a full recovery. As long as there are no black people around to upset me.”


Apparently realizing that his last remark was somewhat incendiary, McCain attempted to clarify what he meant. “It’s just … it’s just … I still can’t believe I got beat in a presidential election by that skinny black kid from Chicago!” he moaned.


The unspoken motivation behind McCain’s admission is the recent letter to Iran’s leadership by 47 Republican senators now universally reviled as the infamous ‘Gang of 47.’  “I used to say ‘Politics ends at the water’s edge’ and I meant it,” McCain continued. “Then that know-nothing dipsh*t Tom Cotton stuck that godd*mn Iran letter under my nose. My political instincts just evaporated and something inside me couldn’t resist. I was too confused to see the danger and I signed it. The need to lash out against Obama is just so … overwhelming. It’s all because of Obama Derangement Syndrome and, my friends, it’s real. A lot of my fellow Republicans have it. Forty-seven of us, in fact. We joke about getting cotton-mouth from gnawing at the bedsheets while we sleep.”


With that, Senator Lindsey Graham rushed to the podium to help his distressed friend. Draping his arm over McCain’s shoulders and whispering quietly in his ear, he was able to coax the aging senator back to his seat where other Republican senators quickly surrounded him to prevent CSPAN cameras from recording what appeared to observers present there to be a series of petit mal seizures with incontinence.


“It’s sad, really” Senator Graham told reporters afterward. “My friend John McCain was once a revered national hero and a prominent statesman. Because of this terrible disease, ODS, he’s degenerated into an embittered, emotionally fragile old man who no longer has a dependable grip on reality. ”


Reporters then asked whether Senator Graham’s recent remark that he would, as president, ‘… literally use the military… ” to prevent Congress from leaving town, should it fail to vote on various spending bills, might also indicate a break with reality. Senator Graham responded, “I’ll leave that to the voters of Virginia to decide. We don’t all of us 47 traitors suffer from ODS, regardless  of what John just told you.”


When a reporter pointed out that Senator Graham represents South Carolina, not Virginia, and that he had just referred to himself as a traitor, he evaded the question by quickly dodging into a nearby elevator.


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Michele Bachmann: rehabilitating her ‘image’

by Bill Prendergast on January 25, 2013 · 0 comments

Our old friend Conventional Wisdom says Michele Bachmann’s “done” as a relevant national political figure. There are good reasons to believe that: last fall, (running as an incumbent in the most conservative district in Minnesota and despite a humongous funding advantage) she barely survived a challenge from a local political unknown.

During the national debate over the budget and “fiscal cliff” at the end of last year, the normally outspoken Bachmann remained silent. That silence also suggested she was “over.” Bachmann had always been relentlessly outspoken on taxation and spending issues, broadcasting hardline “tea party” positions on them in high profile forums. (She was doing so even before the tea party movement came into existence.) But she refused to show up on media radar during the definitive battle between the White House and the Republican Congress on those very issues.

Steering clear of a critical policy battlefield at a time when American conservatives needed heroes to make a stand for small government: more evidence that Bachmann was “over” as an influential national political voice. (It’s also evidence of political cowardice, but that’s by-the-by.)

So: given all of the above–is she really “done” as a national leader? If you asked most people on the left, I suspect their answer would be “Yes, absolutely, and thank God–it’s high time.” If you ask media professionals who cover politics, I suspect their answer would be: “Right now, her name is dog dirt so far as credibility is concerned. That’s practically impossible to come back from, given her lack of practical policy successes. So, yeah: she’s done as a national political figure.”

But this week we’re seeing an attempt by voices on the right to rehabilitate Bachmann’s credibility as a leader. Over at the Powerline blog, John Hinderaker and Scott Johnson just ran a couple of pieces alleging that Bachmann is an admirable leader–an American political hero who’s been crucified with a media smear campaign designed to destroy her credibility.

According to them, Michele Bachmann is  

You don’t have to “go way back” in this conservative political hero’s history to find her promoting nuthouse conspiracy theories. Just last year she claimed (publicly) that the President of the United States is party to a scheme to impose Sharia law on the United States.

John Hinderaker, “Reconsidering Michele Bachmann.”…

Scott Johnson, “The Campaign to Destroy Rep. Bachmann.”…

Caroline Glick, “The Left’s new campaign to destroy a friend of Israel’s”…


Yesterday at this blog, “the Big E” pointed out that the Minneapolis Star Tribune just ran a couple of straight news stories about Michele Bachmann on the paper’s front page. (A link to the Big E’s story about that appears below the jump.)

That was worthy of comment because: 1) both those Strib stories raise questions about Bachmann’s judgment and integrity, and 2) the Strib has a thirteen year history of spiking straight news reporting that might lead Minnesotans to question Bachmann’s judgment and integrity.

There have been extremely rare cases of the Strib printing facts that might tend to diminish Bachmann’s credibility here in Minnesota. But for more than a decade, the paper’s straight news coverage on Bachmann has been protective: puff piece profiles, stories about how Minnesotans ‘feel’ about Bachmann, stories that describe Bachmann as ‘a populist’ and ‘child safety advocate…’

Worse: the Strib’s always avoided publishing news coverage of Bachmann statements–the allegations, conspiracy claims, and outright lies that made headlines in news forums outside the state. Certainly the Strib’s avoided doing news coverage of that ongoing story on its front page. That’s a serious and damaging omission in covering Minnesota’s most famous political figure–given the fact that those Bachmann pronouncements earned her national notoriety and the support of the American right.

So here’s the question:

Can somebody tell me
–why or how
–the Strib finally came to the conclusion that
–(as of this last weekend, after thirteen years of neglect)
–it’s now ‘safe’ for Minnesota’s leading daily newspaper
–to start including straight news reporting that might reflect poorly on Michele Bachmann
–in the paper’s coverage of Michele Bachmann?
I would love to know the answer to that question. Because if we knew the answer to that question, we’d know how the paper makes its decisions on “which political realities Minnesotans are allowed to learn about, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune.”

You see: this is not just about Bachmann and her political fortunes. It’s a question about the leading paper in the state, and whether anyone actually needs to read it to learn what’s going on in politics at any given moment.

Actually it’s not just a question limited to the Strib’s political news policy. Over the years I’ve read countless articles about Michele Bachmann run in other Minnesota news publications. That’s not surprising; Bachmann’s been considered “hot copy” by the Minnesota press since at least 2006.

But during the years that Bachmann was earning a national reputation as a conspiracy monger, a demagogue of the American religious right, a politician regularly caught telling lies about factual matters–during those same years, Minnesota news professionals were running items about her appreciation of “A Prairie Home Companion,” her reaction to her portrayal on “Saturday Night Live”–even her personal preference for celery as a snack food. (I’m not kidding. All three of those angles appeared as “legit Bachmann news stories” in Minnesota political media–at a time when her most outrageous pronouncements on evangelical radio weren’t deemed worthy of coverage in the same publications.)

So somebody tell me, please: why now? Why did the Strib decide–suddenly, this weekend–that it’s “safe” for the paper to run headline, front page story that might cause readers to question Rep. Bachmann’s judgment and motives? For more than a decade they’ve had dozens of legitimate, newsworthy, unbiased opportunities to run that kind of coverage before. What was so special about this last weekend?

Did they have some kind of meeting on Friday, between management and editors? A meeting where they said: “Okay, she’s been re-elected and sworn in again–*now* it’s okay to run a couple of stories on our front page that might give readers a few ‘doubts’ about her…”

Or maybe somebody at the meeting said: “Hey, the numbers from our latest reader focus group are in–she’s really plummeted, they must have been reading the out-of-state news reporting on her. Maybe it’s time to print the truth, hmm?”

Or maybe someone said: “The tea party’s reputation in the state is dog dirt, these days. So maybe it’s safe to start publishing the truth as it comes in. Whaddya say we try it this weekend, run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it?”

How do news people decide that sort of thing, that “okay, we’re gonna stop spiking the truth about politics” thing? Over the years I’ve actually asked news professionals here in Minnesota why the state’s papers suppressed factual reporting that might hurt Bachmann’s chances. But their answers were kind of speculative: “the paper doesn’t want to alienate conservative readers by printing uncomfortable facts,” answers like that.

Maybe one of you knows. If you can tell me the secret, maybe we can come up with a strategy to get the state’s papers to print the truth about other political realities.    

LINK: …to the Big E’s story about the two front page Bachmann pieces that appeared in the Strib this weekend. The Strib stories that the Big E links to are well worth reading…


Yesterday the Huffington Post reported that the Republican leadership reappointed Michele Bachmann to a seat on the House Intelligence Committee. That is news because Rep. Bachmann is without a doubt Congress’ number one conspiracy nut.

And if you actually care about national security, you don’t appoint demagogues and conspiracy nuts to the congressional committee overseeing America’s intelligence services. Because that committee has access to classified materials. And conspiracy nuts or demagogues appointed to that committee, can cite their access to those materials to lend credibility to any crazy, lying, irresponsible charge they might make against the United States government.

And that is exactly what Michele Bachmann has done, during her tenure on the House Intelligence Committee. She has cited her access to classified materials as justification for wild charges of Muslim radical infiltration of the White House. (When criticized for making the charges without offering any substantive proof, Bachmann backed off and claimed she had merely “been asking questions.”)

The GOP leadership’s decision to reappoint Bachmann to the House Intelligence Committee signals that they find this reckless garbage acceptable. The leadership could have reassigned Bachmann to any one of a number of committees where she could do much less harm. Instead, a GOP congress facing lower public approval ratings that lice–has decided once again to lend credibility to a notorious lying demagogue. Boehner and Cantor know that Bachmann uses her status on the Intelligence Committee to circulate lies and paranoia for political gain–it’s not that she “stoops” to doing that, sometimes: it’s that she never “straightens up.”

And the House Republican leadership know that, and reappoint her anyway. So don’t let anyone in media tell you that the GOP leadership has contained or completely disowned Michele Bachmann. And don’t let anyone in media tell you that the GOP is better on national security than the Dems. They can’t be, if they appointed her again.


The flag at our home is still at half-mast today. Those poor families…God bless them and help them through this.

On the day of the massacre, Republican conservative evangelical Mike Huckabee went on television to suggest it occurred because God has been removed from public schools (link below.)

And then conservative activist Larry Klayman ran a piece on World Net Daily prevailing upon Congressmember Michele Bachmann and Senator Marco Rubio to stop President Barack Obama from being sworn in for a second term.

…tea-party conservatives, such as Rep. Michele Bachmann and Sen. Marco Rubio have the power in their hands to throw a monkey wrench into Obama’s coronation on Jan. 21, 2013, and start an official proceeding over Obama’s place of birth and his natural born citizen status.

According to Klayman, here’s how Bachmann and Rubio can stop Obama from assuming office again (WARNING: birtherism in Congress and the Electoral College ahead:)
The essence of Klayman’s plan would require Bachmann and Rubio to raise objections to the electoral vote count when the result is officially announced at a joint session of Congress this January. According to Klayman, this would force the Senate and Congress back into their respective chambers to consider their objections–and “finally trigger an official inquiry to be made as to the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to be president of the United States.”

I thus call upon the Michele Bachmanns and Marco Rubios of the Republican Party to now put their “money where thus far only their mouths have been” for years and take legal and appropriate steps to prevent this evil and destructive president from fraudulently seizing control of the White House again.

Klayman explains why GOP presidential hopefuls Bachmann and Rubio should show some backbone and do this:

Our Founding Fathers risked and gave of their honor, sacred fortunes and lives to found a new nation.

Actually, what the Founding Fathers pledged in the Declaration of Independence was their “lives, fortunes our sacred honor.” Not their “sacred fortunes,” as Klayman has it. Perhaps a Freudian slip there; there might be a “sacred fortune” in it for Klayman if his idea takes off.

But there are problems with his scheme. For example, Klayman probably shouldn’t have singled out Bachmann and Rubio as designated torch-bearers for his plan. Klayman may not realize that Bachmann has already cast a congressional vote recognizing that Barack Obama is indeed a US citizen.

In 2009, Congress passed a resolution “recognizing and celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the entry of Hawaii into the Union as the 50th State.”

The preamble to the resolution stated: “”Whereas the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii…” And nevertheless, the resolution passed with support of Democratic and Republican congressmembers–including Michele Bachmann. (The final vote total for the bill was three hundred and seventy eight “for,” zero voting “against”–despite the ‘controversial’ language recognizing that the President was indeed born in the United States.)  

And when Bachmann appeared on “Good Morning America” with George Stephanopolous in 2011, the Steph whipped out a copy of Obama’s birth certificate (authenticated and signed by the Hawaii registrar.) At that point Bachmann backed off and indicated that this document should put the birther thing to rest. So she will have to do a big 180 if she decides to attend to Klayman’s desperate plea to save the Republic.

Senator Marco Rubio is Klayman’s other choice for “go-to guy” for a congressional birther coup against Obama. But there’s a speedbump there, too: Tea Party hero and “hot copy” presidential pick Rubio is himself the target of birther theories.

How can that be, you ask, if Rubio was born in Miami? (He was, you know.) To answer that, we have to descend into the dark world of deep birtherism. It is not widely known–but many birthers believe that even if you were born in the United States–that by itself does not make you “a natural born citizen” as necessary to be eligible for the presidency of the United States.

Why not?

The birthers rely on writings at the time of the formation of the republic and references in court cases since then to contend that “natural born” means a person born to U.S. citizens. Rubio was born in 1971 at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital (in Miami,) his office said, but his parents did not become citizens until 1975…”The birthers say Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, whose parents are from India and were not citizens at the time of his birth, is also unqualified,” according to this report.

So you see, it all makes sense.

But Klayman’s first-draft picks to bring his masterful strategy to life (Bachmann and Rubio) will probably disappoint him.

Huckabee on cause of Newtown massacre:…

Klayman calls on Bachmann and Rubio to enact his “master plan:”…

Bachmann votes to recognize that Obama is US born citizen:…

Bachmann on GMA, gives thumbs up for the President’s birth certificate (after time code 2:59)…

Rubio and Jidal are targets of birthers, too:…


Earthquake development in PiPress and MPR news coverage on Bachmann, this week…

…last weekend, Bachmann went a conservative evangelical broadcast to allege that the President of the United States is party to a conspiracy to impose Sharia law on Americans…

…and the PiPress and Minnesota Public Radio actually reported that story, here in Minnesota. (The MinnPost also reported the incident.)

That is a big breakthrough, for MPR and the PiPress. Michele Bachmann’s tradition of going on evangelical radio to circulate smears and bizarre conspiracy theories dates back to at least 2004, when she was a mere Minnesota State legislator. At that time and for years after, MPR and the PiPress would not run stories quoting her bizarre claims: about how Minnesota public schools would “immediately begin teaching homosexuality” to K-12 students if her proposed gay marriage ban amendment failed; about how then-Governor Tim Pawlenty was practicing Marxist economic policy.

Over at the Star Tribune: nothing so far, no story about Bachmann allegation that President Obama is party to “a Sharia law for America” conspiracy. (As of this morning, the Strib’s latest story on Bachmann is “Bachmann praises latest Medicaid Probe.”)
But if this “new policy of reporting controversial things that Bachmann says–to Minnesotans–when she says them” becomes a trend at the PiPress and MPR…can the Star Tribune continue to cower?

I don’t mean to make too much of this. The PiPress story on the Obama Muslim conspiracy interview was just an item on one of their news blogs; I don’t know if it made their print edition.

But the MPR piece appeared on their excellent “Capitol Roundup” blog–that’s pretty good placement. So there’s reason for hope…

Listen: we never demanded that straight news reporting at the PiPress, MPR, or the Strib identify Bachmann as a “nut.” (She is. But we never demanded that these Minnesota news icons identify her that way to the public. That’s no part of a reporter’s job.)

All we’ve been asking (for years on end; in my case since before 2006) is that the PiPress, MPR, and the Strib report the controversial statements she makes them, in a timely manner. That’s all we wanted. It was always part of their job, to do that. There’s no question that remarks  bigotry, smears and conspiracy theory are newsworthy–when those remarks come from an elected official.

I hope the PiPress and MPR, at least, maintain the necessary guts to keep reporting this stuff as it happens. Here’s a copy of my thank you note to MPR, sent last night:

Thanks for running this story (about Bachmann’s Obama Muslim conspiracy theory) here on MPR. Since 2006 I’ve been trying to get MPR (and other Minnesota news media) to run timely reporting of Bachmann’s most extreme charges and statements. I sent in actual examples back then, including quotes from Bachmann appearances on programs like “Understanding The Times.” (Yes, she was spouting similar extremist paranoia and conspiracy theory on the very same program you mention in (your) story, as far back as 2004. I’ve still got some recordings of that, if you’re ever interested.)

Bachmann was already a Minnesota State Senator and US Congressional candidate when she went on record with paranoid, ultraright claims. Even so, there was tremendous resistance in Minnesota media to reporting that sort of Bachmann statement to the public. (Even when there were actual recordings of her saying this stuff!) At the Star Tribune, the Pioneer Press, here at MPR–it was like talking to a brick wall, trying to get the state’s leading news media to do a story on it.

As a result Bachmann was able to get away with murder, when it came to controlling public perception of her here in Minnesota. The reluctance of the state’s press to quote her spouting bigotry or conspiracy theories helped her tremendously during congressional campaigns. The situation didn’t change until media outside the state started acquainting Minnesotans with this congressmember’s most controversial and newsworthy views.

I hope the story you’ve run above is representative of new willingness at MPR to report her most provocative statements in a timely manner, as soon as you can source them adequately.

LINK: MPR’s story…

LINK: PiPress news blog story……


Yesterday the Big E did a post here citing Michele Bachmann’s latest conspiracy theory about the Obama administration. Last weekend Bachmann went on the radio to tell Americans that the President of the United States is actively aiding Islamist attempts to impose Sharia law in America.

Bachmann also recommended that Americans study Islamic materials and documents–because these are analogous to Hitler’s Mein Kampf (the book that outlined his hateful ideology and plans for conquest.)

What sort of Muslim-authored documents give a “Mein Kampf”-like clue to Islamist plans for conquest of America? In the radio interview  Bachmann references one example. In October various American Muslim civil rights organizations sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security protesting the use of bigoted teaching materials in law enforcement training.

Bachmann says this letter protesting government use of anti-Islam training materials  “is ‘proof positive’ that the Obama administration wants to introduce Sharia law to the U.S.”

You can probably spot “the gaps” in Bachmann’s logic, there. First of all: the letter isn’t authored by the Obama administration–it’s a letter to the Obama administration. So the letter she cites can’t be “proof positive” of the Obama adminstration’s intentions about anything.

Second: the letter doesn’t call for or even suggest the imposition of Sharia law in America. Instead it’s a plea to the US government to end any national security training teaching that “Islam is essentially evil and anti-American.” The authors’ aim is to prevent law enforcement from targeting Americans simply because they happen to be Muslim.
Thank God some people are still monitoring Bachmann on conservative evangelical radio, one of her favorite forums for disseminating paranoid conspiracy theories. Bachmann makes her claims about an Obama Sharia law conspiracy during an interview with Eric Barger and Jan Markell.

Markell is an End Times broadcaster and a close ally of Bachmann, who attended her “Understanding the Times” conference this year. She has previously claimed that Mattel’s Little Mommy Cuddle ‘n Coo doll is promoting Islam to children, demanded the government begin monitoring mosques and in 2007 predicted a terrorist attack as a result of a Hindu prayer in the U.S. Senate. Markell has also suggested that a tornado in Minnesota was a “warning from God” meant to punish the Lutheran Church for affirming gay pastors and alleged that the deadly 2011 earthquake in Japan was divine judgment.

In 2006 a profile in the City Pages reported that Bachmann denied knowing Markell. If that’s what she said–it was a lie. Bachmann had appeared as a featured guest on Markell’s radio program more than once, to encourage listeners to support and attend her 2004 “stop gay marriage” rally in St. Paul. At that time Markell’s radio show was called “Prophetic Views in the News.”

Last night on its Political Animal blog the PiPress ran a post about this latest Markell interview with Bachmann. Their reporter identified Markell’s show as a “conservative radio program.” Strictly speaking, that’s not so. Host Markell certainly prefers Christian conservatives to liberal Democrats. But her program (renamed “Understanding the Times”) is more properly described as “a radio program providing apocalyptic analysis of current events in light of Bible prophecy.”

Markell’s “end times” audience will have no problem believing Bachmann’s charges–including the charge that the Obama administration is complicit in a Muslim plan to end the right to free speech in America.

BACHMANN: …it is game over if we who are in the non-Islamist world lose the right to criticize what the Islamist does, because the Islamist tries to advocate Islamic Sharia law and so anything that we would say in the future, once you criminalized anti-Islamic speech, anything that we would say that would be critical in any way of anything Islam does would be considered criminalized. That’s why I say it is game over; the Islamists will have won everything.

What about that letter Bachmann cites? The “October 19th document,” the letter authored and signed by Muslim civil rights groups?

BACHMANN: The only conclusion you could make is that (the Obama administration is) embracing the ten year plan (to silence any form of dissent from Islam) and are supporting it and that’s why this October 19 document is so important because that is proof positive that every piece that is put into place is leading to one direction, this isn’t deviating it’s leading to one direction, and that ultimate goal it seems to be is to allow for mandating, following, every demand of the Islamist and we know what their ultimate demand is.

BARGER: Sharia law.

BACHMANN: That’s right. That’s why we need to know what their belief system is; we need to know what they truly believe. That’s why the most important thing a person could do in WWII was to read the book that the leader of Germany wrote.

BARGER: Mein Kampf.

BACHMANN: Because he laid out very clearly what his intention was, he wasn’t hiding it, the Islamist does the same thing. They do not hide it, they lay it out very clearly. But what we’ve never seen before is the United States aiding and abetting that goal.

If you go to that October 19th letter from Muslim civil rights groups expecting to see some kind of “Islamist Mein Kampf”–you’re going to be very disappointed. There’s no plan for conquest of non-Islamists in there. There’s no call for imposition of Sharia law on the United States. There isn’t even a demand to end the right of free speech for Americans who criticize Islam.

Instead, the letter requests the White House to form “an interagency task force” to address “the federal government’s use of biased, false and highly offensive training materials about Muslims and Islam.” That’s it, that’s the letter is about. Contrary to what Bachmann told the radio audience: no suggestion of an Islamist Mein Kampf in this document, no “proof positive” of an Obama administration plan to impose Sharia law.

There are plenty of details in the letter. But they’re not details proving the existence of a “radical Islamist agenda in the Obama administration.” They’re details suggesting that current law enforcement training may lead to the targeting and investigation of Americans because “they’re guilty of being Muslim.”

The letter cites about fourteen different examples of federal government sponsorship for teaching “Islamophobia.”  Here are two examples mentioned by the authors:

A 2006 FBI intelligence report stating that individuals who convert to Islam are on the path to becoming “Homegrown Islamic Extremists,” if they exhibit any of the following behavior:1
• “Wearing traditional Muslim attire”
• “Growing facial hair”
• “Frequent attendance at a mosque or a prayer group”
• “Travel to a Muslim country”
• “Increased activity in a pro-Muslim social group or political cause”  

A report, authored by Army Command and General Staff at the Fort Leavenworth School of Advanced Military Studies, dated May 21, 2009, includes statements such as:
• “Moderate Muslims are not exercising moderation; they are simply applying other means to accomplish the same goal of establishing global Islamic dominance.”

You can see why the authors of the letter are p***ed off about this kind of thing. These are the kind of official views that encourage authorities to view every American Muslim as a potential enemy and possible suspect. You wouldn’t like the cops and military viewing you that way on the basis of your belief system–would you?

But Bachmann objects to the objections and identifies them as part of a “master plan” for Islamist domination of the US. Thus: Bachmann signs on to the view that all American Muslims are potential enemies of the state–because they’re Muslims, dummy.

That lie, and the other lies told in support of it–qualify this episode for a place on “the top Bachmann lies of 2012” list.    

Below is a link to an article at Right Wing Watch, dated today (December 12.) It features audio and transcript from the Bachmann appearance on radio program broadcast last weekend.


LINK: PiPress takes note of Bachmann conspiracy claims on one of their blog; who knows if it will make the print edition.…

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She’s back! We went almost a month without hearing any demagogue stuff from Rep. Bachmann. I think that’s unprecedented. She nearly made it, almost reached the thirty day mark without dipping into the irrational–and then, on the twenty-sixth day…

It’s back to “This (not that) should be America’s foreign policy–because God said so.”

The video (below the jump) is of Bachmann’s keynote speech at the Bet El Institutions dinner in New York City, December 2.

Highlights from her remarks:

Israel is God’s idea. All we are trying to do is following His leading.

(Given the events of this last month) we have witnessed history once again. And as Israel truly is the navel of our planet Earth, we look to Israel to see the course of human events.

It touches my inner soul to think that the modern state of Israel is the literal fulfillment–in our lifetime–of Ezekiel’s prophecy of “the valley of dry bones.” Bones, which thousands of years later, miraculously came back to life.

Bet El Institutions sponsored the Bachmann keynote speech at their prestigious annual gala dinner. (Benjamin Netanyahu has been a keynote speaker.) Bet El Institutions promotes the interests of Bet El, a controversial Israeli settlement on the West Bank. The government of Israel disputes the notion that establishment of the Bet El settlement on the West Bank violates the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Bachmann on the Obama administration and Israel:

Our current administration continues to demand that Israel gives even more and calls on them to concede even more. This is nothing more than foolishness and in my opinion, suicidal for the State of Israel.

(At this writing: the Obama administration is warning the enemy-of-Israel Syrian government that severe consequences will ensue if that government uses chemical weapons on its citizens to suppress rebellion. The Syrian government has loaded Sarin gas into it military aircraft. I wonder if US/European destruction of the Syrian air force would convince Bachmann that the Obama administration is in fact a friend of the nation of Israel?)

LINK: to the story about Bachmann’s appearance a the Bet El dinner, by Arutz Sheva, the Israeli news network that promotes Bet El’s mission.


If you dream of being Queen of the Political Universe some day–you don’t want a reputation as the presidential candidate whose fail was responsible for finally killing off Iowa’s Presidential Straw Poll.

Michele Bachmann is in danger of earning that reputation, right now. She won the straw poll last year, beating all other Republican presidential candidates in the contest. Then she inadvertently demonstrated that the Iowa Straw Poll result is irrelevant: by running a crash-and-burn campaign ending with her resignation.

And: resulted in this “titanium-spined conservative’s” endorsement of despised moderate Mitt Romney–who went on to win the GOP nomination without even participating in the Iowa Straw Poll.

The Wall Street Journal, today:

…the straw poll of Republican voters in Ames, Iowa-is obsolete and should be eliminated, Iowa’s GOP governor says…

…The governor cited the results of the most recent Ames Straw Poll as evidence for why the event should be spiked: Rep. Michele Bachmann won in 2011, only to fizzle as a candidate soon after…

(Gov.) Branstad pointed to Ms. Bachmann’s rapid rise and fall in 2011 as Exhibit A for why the straw poll no longer makes sense. Her campaign invested heavily in the one-day event, busing in thousands of supporters from around the state and hiring singers such as Randy Travis to entertain them in a huge tent.

She beat Rep. Ron Paul (R., Texas) by 150 votes in the straw poll but never caught fire among the broader set of GOP voters in Iowa, placing sixth in the January caucuses.

That would be cool, if Bachmann out to be the presidential candidate whose high-profile fail finally proved the irrelevance of the Iowa Straw Poll once and for all.

But the poll was never a good indicator of whom Republicans would finally select as their nominee. And last year Bachmann’s and Paul’s success at the poll proved that the event was subject to capture by the wingiest of wing nuts. Wing nuts who would engineer wins based on candidate wingnuttiness alone. The wingnuts sent the GOP straw poll “winners” with no serious chance of winning a general election.

The event was embarrassing for the GOP anyway, because the Bachmann/Paul victories show the world that there aren’t enough sane Republicans to show up in Iowa and outvote the wingnuts. The television coverage and candidate selections made the whole party look crazy (when it’s really only 75% of the party that’s crazy these days.)

And it’s embarrassing for Bachmann, too. That victory in the straw poll turned out to be the highlight of her campaign. She’d done everything she could to win it–busing people in to swamp the rival nuts, paying Randy Travis, lying her a** off…Campaigning as an Iowan instead of a Minnesotan, remember that? (Post-implosion, she did another about face and went back to telling people she’s really a Minnesotan. If they decide to hold the Republican Presidential Straw Poll in New Guinea next time, Bachmann will show up there telling people she’s a Tiwi and wearing a bone through her nose.)

Republican extremists, wild-eyed or no, will want to keep the Iowa Straw Poll. But the plutocrat-and-proud-of-it establishment Republicans (to whom winning matters) will want to eliminate this tradition of free national media for deep-fried kook candidates that put a drain on the available supply of angry mindless followers.

Still: it sure would be sweet, if Michele’s success in Iowa turned out to be “the last straw.”