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Sen. Franken does a blue slip block on Stras

by Dan Burns on September 6, 2017 · 0 comments


While (Sen. Al) Franken’s formal objection makes clear where he stands, it won’t necessarily upend (MN Supreme Court Judge David) Stras’ nomination because Republicans control the Senate, and the Judiciary Committee has moved in the past to get around resistance from home-state senators who refuse to return so-called “blue slips” ahead of confirmation hearings. That said, nominees lacking that prior consent have faced trouble getting confirmed, with members of both parties citing tradition.
Franken issued a lengthy statement saying he is concerned that Stras is too conservative to gain his support. Stras was nominated for the post in May by President Donald Trump.
“Justice Stras’s professional background and record strongly suggest that, if confirmed, he would embrace the legacy of his role models and reliably rule in favor of powerful corporate interests over working people, and that he would place a high bar before plaintiffs seeking justice at work, at school, and at the ballot box,” Franken said. “The president should be seeking out judges who bridge the issues that divide us, but I fear that Justice Stras’s views and philosophy would lead him to reinforce those divisions and steer the already conservative Eighth Circuit even further to the right.”

I for one certainly don’t consider Stras’s nomination to be deceased. I’m frankly surprised that Senate GOP leadership hasn’t done away with blue slips already. I suppose the rationale is that in the long run the ability to block nominations this way benefits conservatives more. But that may well not outweigh the fierce desire to pack the courts with extremists, for much longer.


paulsenRep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN) had an op-ed in the Strib last week.

The reason for the delay is that (MN Supreme Court Judge David) Stras’ nomination is being held up by Minnesota’s Democrat (sic) U.S. senators – Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken. Neither senator has returned the “blue slip” necessary for the nomination to move forward…
Stalling Stras’ nomination is the latest example of partisan game-playing in Washington.
(Star Tribune)

This sudden concern over aggressive blue-slip use—shock a la Captain Renault to find blue slips being used in here—contrasts with aggressive blue slip use under Obama. Senators used their blue slip prerogatives to forestall or veto nominations and give Trump over 100 in-place and announced vacancies, including over 30 that never had nominees.

And Stras is no “outstanding judge.” Just another dime-a-million rich man’s whimpering, groveling judicial cur.

Yeah, “hypocrite” could be Erik Paulsen’s middle name. First and last names, too.


StrasWebPr*sident Donald Trump has nominated Minnesota Supreme Court Justice David Stras for a seat on a federal appeals court. This is part of his first step in packing the federal courts with right-wingers. There is nothing to stop him from doing so, and it will remain one of the worst aspects of the Trump legacy probably for decades.

Corporate news outlets have been going out of their way to try to portray Stras, a former clerk for SCOTUS Associate Justice “Corrupt Clarence” Thomas, as really just a pretty harmless moderate. That seems to be based mostly on comments from retired Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page to the effect that they agreed more often than one might think. I’m presenting a couple of reality checks, that should be clicked on and perused in their entirety if you want to actually be legitimately informed about this.

Mr. Justice Carpet Bagger (The Cucking Stool)

With Stras’ Appointment the Minnesota Supreme Court Lurches Right (MN Progressive Project, and note the oracular foresight displayed in the final paragraph.)

Yeah, Governor Mark Dayton will get to pick Stras’s successor, and that’s some consolation for those of us who live here in Minnesota. But rulings from federal appeals court justices potentially affect all Americans – decidedly for the worse, if those rulings are made by the likes of Stras.