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Enbridge Line 3 Minnesota

The fine mess that Enbridge Line 3 has become

by Dan Burns on April 30, 2018 · 1 comment

enbridge2The saga of the highly controversial Enbridge Line 3 replacement/rerouting proposal took another turn last week.

Administrative law judge Ann O’Reilly issued a non-binding recommendation on (April 23) that Minnesota regulators should approve the pipeline, but only if it runs along the current route and not Enbridge Energy’s preferred new path.

– Also from that article, Gov. Mark Dayton says that is not feasible. (Dayton is not opposed to the project. Though he has, bless his heart, said he’ll veto a bill from the GOP-controlled Minnesota legislature that would allow Enbridge to basically bypass the rest of the review process and start whenever they want to.)

– The ruling would likely strengthen the positions of affected Native Americans.

– Enbridge very much wants to stick with its plan.

So we’ll see.
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Thursday rally vs. Enbridge Line 3 in Minnesota

by Dan Burns on September 26, 2017 · 0 comments

enbridgeIt starts at the Capitol, in St. Paul.

We will hold a rally at the Capitol and then march to the public hearing at the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown St. Paul to make our voices heard. This hearing is the FINAL chance in St. Paul to show up and make a public comment on Line 3, and our decision makers need to know we will not let this black-snake pipeline poison Minnesota!

I happened to see this ridiculous commercial on TV, on Sunday. Build Line 3 or the adorable baby calf will starve to death! Apparently it’s not supposed to occur to us that Line 3 is mostly about moving “energy” (specifically, filthy, corrosive, and most of all unneeded tar sands oil) across, not into, Minnesota.