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Erik Paulsen

Sandy_Hook_Gun_Tragedy_Tim_Walz_NRA_CandidateWhat is the difference between a dozen dead second graders and a dozen dead high school students?
The high school students’ best friends will be able to vote next year.
And no, I will not apologize for the strong words and horrifying imagery. It is time for strong words and horrifying imagery.
I am facing a number of different poltical choices this year. Some of them come in two weeks at the Minnesota DFL (Democratic Party) Convention in Rochester. I’m a delegate, and I will be casting my vote to endorse two US Senate candidates, the State Auditor, the State Attorney General, the Secretary of State, and the Governor. Recently, I was engaged in the endorsement decision for my US House District, and my local state House Representative is up for election.
Filtering out races that are fait accompli, there are three people running that I am firmly committed to NOT vote for, and to work against in any way possible, because of their contribution to America’s gun-hungry, gun-happy, gun-crazy culture.
They are, in order of geographical zone covered by their potential purview as an elected official:
Tim Walz, currently in the US House representing Minnesota’s first district, now running for the endorsement for Governor of Minnesota; Erik Paulsen, running for re-election to the US House, and Sarah Anderson, running for re-election to the Minnesota House.
I can not vote in early June for Tim Walz’s endorsement because for the last 12 years he maintained an A rating form the NRA, took their money, voted mostly as they told him to vote, and made numerous public statements in support of this gun culture.


graphic with Adam Jennings and Jon Spayde
Democrat Adam Jennings is one of three candidates hoping to
earn the DFL Congressional District 3 Party endorsement to challenge
Republican incumbent Eric Paulsen in the November general election.
Jennings, a member of the Tonka Bay City Council and a Minnesota Army
National Guard veteran who served in Kosovo, lays out his plans to
represent the suburban congressional district which includes Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, most of Edina, Champlin, Plymouth, Brooklyn Park and other cities.
Jennings on YouTube here.
The new edition also features improv humorist/actor Jon Spayde as Prescott Beauregard, a Southern gentleman with thoughts on the removal of Confederate flags and statues, as well a number of southern politicians.
Jon Spayde’s Prescott Beauregard on YouTube here.
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Meanwhile in MN CD 3 …

by JeffStrate on October 17, 2016 · 3 comments

Image of Bonoff and Paulsen

Terri Bonoff and Erik Paulsen

A KSTP/SurveyUSA poll published late last week on Tom Hauser’s At Issue political analysis program, shows GOP, right wing incumbent Erik Paulsen with an eleven point lead over DFL endorsed challenger Terri Bonoff.

“After several months of withering attacks trying to tie him to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Erik Paulsen holds a commanding lead in his race with 3rd District challenger Terri Bonoff. In our exclusive KSTP/SurveyUSA poll, Paulsen leads Bonoff 49 percent to 38 percent. Another 13 percent remain undecided.”

Steven Schier, the ever available pundit from Carleton College, notes in the October 16, 2016  KSTP-TV News web article about the poll that voters are not associating Mr. Paulsen with Mr. Trump.   That is clearly the case.  Terri’s team needs to do a quick and major re-direction on what will work during the next three weeks.

The article does not mention the dump trucks of misleading, anti-Bonoff mailers that arrive at our Eden Prairie (CD 3) home or refer to the equally smelly and un-credible, anti-Bonoff spots that pop up on television and the internet.


photo of Junk Yard Democrats.

Eden Prairie’s Junk Yard Democrats

This month Democratic Visions features a fifteen minute discussion between Terri Bonoff and Ted O’Brien and a Junk Yard Democrats’ video.  With “He Talks the Line,” the boys re-purpose a Johnny Cash classic to comment on Mr. Paulsen’s record.

Here are the links –  15 Minutes with Terri Bonoff

Junk Yard Democrats – Erik Paulsen: He Talks the Line





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Video journalist Bill Sorem lenses demonstrations and press conferences normally shunned by mainstream media.  He posts mostly on The Uptake.

Video journalist Bill Sorem lenses demonstrations and press conferences normally shunned by mainstream media. He posts mostly on The Uptake.

Retired advertising executive Bill Sorem has become a familiar figure at demonstrations and protests staged by the likes of Native Americans, peace advocates, equity activists, minimum wage proponents, police violence whistle blowers and free Gaza campaigners. The issues of interest to Sorem, The Uptake (his primary internet publisher), Twin Cities Daily Planet and Democratic Visions, are underplayed by the Pioneer Press, the StarTribune, MinnPost, the community weeklies and local TV “journalists.” The latter, of course remain primarily concerned with amusing one another in their news studios, promoting themselves and the artistry of make up in the age of high def TV. Mr. Sorem’s takes on impaired mainstream coverage of local minority and controversial issues launch the autumn edition of Democratic Visions. His comments are supported by clips of his work including the July 18 Gaza-Palestine Solidarity march in Columbia Heights which boasted from 1200 to 1500 participants – an event you wouldn’t know about had you only been watching WCCO, KSTP, KMSP and KARE. Click here for the Bill Sorem segment.
Community activism themes continue in an Eden Prairie backyard coffee with Rebecca Lowen of Moms Demand Action (for gun sense), ISAIAH’s (Faith in Democracy) get-out-the-vote initiatives and the DFL’s coordinated campaign office in Hopkins.
Click here for the Moms Demand Action Segment.

Click here for ISAIAH press conference segment.  Courtesy of The Uptake.

Click here for the segment on the DFL’s Coordinated Campaign office in Hopkins.  Share this video with every one.

And click here for a remix of “He Talks the Line” a satirical music video about Congressman Erik Paulsen by the Junk Yard Democrats. The bit is foot-noted with a pitch for his Congressional District, progressive challenger, Sharon Sund.


Michelle Alamoradi and Andy Driscoll, co-hosts of Civic Media MN's "Truth to Tell" on KFAI radio.

Michelle Alamoradi and Andy Driscoll, co-hosts of Civic Media MN’s “Truth to Tell” on KFAI radio.

An in memoriam tribute to the late Andy Driscoll rounds out the program. Driscoll, the long-time St. Paul progressive who co-hosted KFAI radio’s Truth to Tell with Michelle Alamoradi, used public access television and community radio to amplify the voices and issues of whistle blowers, minorities and political reformers.  This segment features a never before seen video from my personal archive of  Driscoll commenting on iconic activist Marv Davidov as well as Driscoll’s forgotten but once celebrated, award-winning KTCA-TV documentary “Power Play.”   Click here for the Andy Driscoll Segment.
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Click here for full half hour autumn edition of Democratic Visions.

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Huxley hoarding snow, just in case!

Huxley hoarding snow, just in case!

My son, Huxley, is 4. It is possible that he will see the end of the present century. If climate change proceeds as it is now, with no serious action to curtail the release of fossil carbon into the atmosphere, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere will be well above 500 parts per million.
The last time there was this much CO2 in the atmosphere sea levels were meters, not centimeters or millimeters, but meters, above present level. When CO2 is added to the atmosphere quickly, as we are doing now, the Earth’s surface starts to heat up. It takes years to reach equilibrium. As this heating takes place, glacial ice melts and raises sea levels. We do not really know how fast temperatures reach equilibrium, and we know even less how fast glaciers melt. But we are already at the point where sea level “should” be higher than it is now. It is quite possible that Huxley will witness the historic event of major cities around the world being inundated by the sea.
But if he lives in Minnesota, one might think, he’ll have to travel to the coasts to witness this event. But that is not really the case. Minnesota at present has about 5.3 million people. Since I moved here close to 20 years ago, about one million people have been added to the state, mostly through migration and immigration. When 25% or more of the population of the United States has to move, places like the Twin Cities will have to absorb millions of people. A large percentage of our food staples, globally, are grown in regions which will be inundated by rising seas, especially in places like South Asia and Southeast Asia, but really, all around the world. Climate change induced or worsened drought and severe weather already affect food supplies. The civil war in Syria stems directly from the climate change induced collapse of agriculture in that country, and climate change is implicated in all of the Arab Spring uprisings as a major causal factor. Smaller and more arid countries are being affected now by climate change in this regard. Everyone else will be affected over the next few decades.
So Huxley will not have to go to the coasts to witness the effects of sea level rise. The mass migration of people away from heavily settled coastal regions will come to him even if he stays here in the middle of the continent. And, the food supply will not be as stable and secure at it is now, by any means. I’ve never felt comfortable with survivalism and I have always thought of it as a rather quirky and even dangerous cult. But I wonder if I should try to make sure Huxley has some of those skills. It pains me to write this but I find myself defying my own distrust of apocalyptic scenarios when I examine, as a scientist and a science communicator, and a father of two (Huxley is the youngest), and find it not so hard to see the shadow of collapse not to far ahead, around a corner we are approaching all too quickly.
President Obama, in the State of the Union Address, reaffirmed that climate change is real. The Republican opposition took no time to deny this. It is absolutely essential that we understand the science of climate change and apply good science to the development of effective policy at all governmental levels. But any unit government that has a significant GOP power base, such as the US Federal government today with a GOP house, is unable to do so. At present we are 17 seats away from removing the anti-science pro-global warming Republicans from a position of ruinous power in Washington. Erik Paulsen, my representative, is one of the 17 members of the House who has to go.


erik-paulsenRep. Erik Paulsen, R-MN03, is working on something (OK, let’s grant that right there he’s differentiating himself from most of his caucus). Specifically, he thinks impoverished people in the third world should somehow pay $5,500/month for a Bayer drug, and he wants India to fix its intellectual property laws, using Big Pharma’s definition of “fix”.


The linked article doesn’t quote the actual conversation between Paulsen and Indian trade officials, so I’ll take my best guess at what was said:

India: We have a lot of very poor people who can’t afford the prices foreign drug companies demand. What are we supposed to do, just let them die when they can’t pay several times their annual income?


Paulsen: Yeah yeah, poor people, blah de blah. So when will you change your laws so drug corporations make more money?

OK, maybe that’s unfair, so let’s clear it up: Bayer isn’t the only company whose answer to sick poor people is “Where’s my money?”



Health insurers have no plans to stop gouging

by Dan Burns on March 28, 2013 · 1 comment

babyHopefully the White House is a couple of steps ahead of them, on this.

Some of the nation’s largest health insurance companies are warning investors that they’ll raise insurance premiums by as much as 116 percent next year, as the coverage expansion provisions in the Affordable Care Act go into effect and millions of uninsured Americans begin purchasing coverage.

The threats of premium increases come as the industry is experiencing record profits and are part of a well-coordinated publicity campaign to alarm Americans about the cost of coverage, while downplaying mechanisms in the law that will cushion them from rate shock. The effort comes as insurers seek more favorable regulatory changes that would, in part, allow companies to charge older people more for coverage.

(Think Progress)


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Kline, Paulsen vote for Ryan budget

by Dan Burns on March 22, 2013 · 2 comments

paulsenSo did Crazy Michele Bachmann, but that’s hardly newsworthy. Neither is Rep. John Kline’s vote, for that matter. Rep. Erik Paulsen is the one that this really needs to be used against.


Democrats have some help in the form of public opinion, and it’s not just from the poor, women and minorities. The latest Gallup poll shows that the public, including plenty of Republicans, are much more supportive of the Democratic agenda (specifically the job creating agenda in the Progressive Caucus’s budget). Fifty-three percent of Republicans support a “federal government program that would spend government money to put people to work on urgent infrastructure repairs,” and 52 percent of Republicans would support a “federal jobs creation law that would spend government money for a program designed to create more than 1 million new jobs.”


Actually, this does need to be used against all three of those listed in the first paragraph. It’s just that Paulsen is the biggest hypocrite, on this issue, as he and his handlers look to pass him off as some sort of “reasonable moderate.” Which they’ve mostly gotten away with, so far.



So which is it?

Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN) may or may not have plans to run against Sen. Al Franken or against Governor Mark Dayton in 2014. Paulsen has stayed out of the limelight since winning election in 2008 to the MN-03 district which encompasses the western suburbs of Minneapolis.

Paulsen says he’s consistently said he has no intention of running for higher office in 2014:

“I can’t comment on the interpretation of others..on remarks that I’ve made. But my message has been consistent,” said Paulsen, who said he has had no conversations with anyone at the National Republican Senatorial Committee about a possible run.

You would hold this opinion if you read the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Other sources, like MPR, beg to differ:

Republican Congressman Erik Paulsen said today he is not ruling out a run for higher office in 2014.

Paulsen has been mentioned as a possible challenger to DFL Senator Al Franken. In the past month, he has told several people that he’s not interested in running for Senate – only to have his aides quickly retract those statements.

After a news conference in St. Paul, Paulsen said everything is on the table, including a run for Senate or a run for governor.

The real reason that Paulsen wouldn’t be interested is the polling numbers. PPP released a poll in late January showing Franken leading Paulsen in a hypothetical 2014 race 50-39%.

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Disaster Hypocrites
Bachmann Kline Paulsen

When disasters occur, Americans rally together. Or at least we used to.

I remember in 1979 when my hometown of Rochester, MN had a massive flood that the Menonites and Amish drove up from Iowa to help.

Utility crews from across the eastern seaboard helped get power back after Hurricane Sandy.

After Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans, Americans across the nation gathered needed items and sent them down.

After the 35W bridge collapsed, we received federal aid to get it rebuilt. Nobody held our federal aid hostage over some bull**** principle that they adhered to only when politically convenient.

But that was 2007.

A Democratic activist is targeting U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen for his vote against a bill that would provide $50.5 billion in emergency relief for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, which decimated parts of the northeastern United States.
Carrie Lucking, executive director of the Alliance for a Better Minnesota, painted Paulsen’s vote as a move to better position himself to earn the Republican Party endorsement for the 2014 Senate race against Democrat Al Franken.

The bill passed the Republican-controlled U.S. House 241-180 on Tuesday night, with Minnesota Republican U.S. Reps. Michele Bachmann and John Kline also voting against the aid package.(Star Tribune)