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EricF put up a post yesterday (with video!) where Plymouth Republican Sarah Anderson mistakes Rochester New York with Rochester Minnesota – while in session, at the capitol.

It’s the kind of stuff that can’t be made up.  But hey – it’s not as if Sarah Anderson hasn’t had video-worthy activities in St. Paul before – let’s look!

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It’s clear that former MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty isn’t gaining any traction.  We’ve been telling you about his poor polling numbers here at MN Progressive Project.  But aside from his haphazard to nearly schizo campaign strategy and complete lack of charisma, his other problem is he’s the wrong kind of christian extremist.

The evangelical minister who inspired him to convert from Catholicism has long been derided by the extreme right wing evangelicals as siding with the liberals on too many issues:

[Rev. Leith] Anderson, meanwhile, bucked the trend, sticking to nonpartisan preaching. He boasts that in three decades of leading church services, he never once delivered a political sermon.

That’s not to say he ignores the subject altogether. In his capacity as president of the nonpartisan NAE, Anderson is frequently blasted by his conservative co-religionists for taking left-of-center stances. He has spoken out against Arizona’s immigration crackdown, championed pro-environment “creation care,” and signed an appeal to lawmakers to protect government welfare programs from budget cuts.  (The last move-which came last April in the midst of the blistering national debate over the federal deficit-led conservative evangelical minister Eric Barger to proclaim on his blog, “Leith Anderson fiddles with Marxists as the church burns.”)

Perhaps most troubling to the religious right, Anderson led the NAE to issue a press release in 2010 titled, “Evangelicals Concur with Obama on Multiple Issues.” Anderson’s conciliatory approach to politics earned him a spot on the White House’s interfaith advisory council, but it has also angered Christian culture warriors who believe that one of their most prominent spokesmen is allowing his attention to drift from the more important social issues.

This helps explain why Pawlenty is making zero headway in Iowa and Michele Bachmann leads the latest poll, doesn’t it?


Michele Bachmann Bizarro World

by The Big E on June 25, 2011 · 0 comments

Michele Bachmann’s Bizarro World

For some, Michele Bachmann came to their attention embarrassing herself on Hardball with Chris Matthews in the fall of 2008. For others, when she groped President Bush after his State of the Union speech in 2007. By now most politically minded Americans have heard of her because she’s running for President in 2012.

Regardless of when, most people heard her say or do something wacky and were amazed that this woman could get elected to public office. For many Minnesotans, we’ve been observing her erratic and sometimes crazed behavior for a long time.

Michele Bachmann Bizarro World is an attempt to organize her extremism, insanity, bigotry and lying into categories.

We don’t claim that she is insane, a bigot and a liar haphazardly — we can point to many specific examples. We would like anyone who just discovered Michele to get an idea of the depth and breadth of her wackiness, hate and lack of honesty. For anyone familiar with her, we hope you’ll find this helpful.

In March 2011, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell asked for an explanation of why Bachmann has such a lengthy history of gaffes and lies. Here’s my explanation.

Click on the graphic for the latest bigotry, hypocrisy, insanity, lying and other news about Princess Sparklepony.

Michele is running for President. Isn’t that exciting. She has been working so hard to raise her national profile and what better way than to run for President.

Michele sees conspiracies everywhere. She finds new conspiracies like most of us collect paychecks … about twice a month. Conspiracies are a key part of her worldview.

Michele has a bizarre understanding of the constitution. This might possibly stem from her law degree from an unaccredited law school.

There isn’t a economic problem that Michele can’t not solve. If the previous sentence doesn’t make much sense to you, neither will her economic theories.

The original reason she got into politics was education and she’s got some pretty bizarre ideas. Plus, her voting record on education stinks.

If you’re into the outdoors, she consistently sides with polluters. She believes that global climate change is a hoax. She thinks our energy policy should be Drill Baby Drill. She believes Jesus already saved the planet!

Her district has the highest foreclosure rate in the state. What has she done about it? Nothing … aside from blaming minorities.

Her understanding of foreign policy is negligible, but that doesn’t stop her from spreading her ignorance and delusions on Fox News and right wing talk radio.

Michele has a host of friends who are as crazy or even more than her. Meet her friends.

Do you want affordable health care? You better start praying … Michele’s been completely absent on this issue.

Let us not forget homosexuality. Michele has plenty of bigotry to go around.

Hypocrisy – noun [hy-POK-ruh-see]

  1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.
  2. Michele Bachmann.

Michele holds a special hatred for immigrants.

Here’s a complete list of her insane comments and bizarre behavior.

Michele is no friend of workers, labor or anyone in the middle class.

Peruse the list of Michele’s legislative accomplishments. Hint: it won’t take long.

Michele hasn’t done much for our seniors.

Keith Olbermann has been tracking Michele for a while now. Here are all the times he’s awarded her World’s Worst Person.


Big MN daily newspaper calls Bachmann an EXTREMIST.

by Bill Prendergast on April 20, 2009 · 3 comments

A Minnesota paper called her an EXTREMIST! In print! About a gajillion times, in one editorial.

Editorial in the St. Cloud Times dated April 19th.

Our view: It’s official: Bachmann is nonfactor

(Terrible headline, just terrible, but keep reading:)
Times Editorial Board • April 19, 2009

Barely into her second U.S. House term, 6th District Rep. Michele Bachmann already has cemented her role not just in Minnesota politics, but in crafting public policy.

On the former, she is an extremist. Voters surprised by that simply have not been paying attention – for a long time.

On the latter, two years of making extremist, uninformed and unsubstantiated comments in the national spotlight have made her a nonfactor. Granted, a media-savvy one, but still a nonfactor.

And that’s the real tragedy here. We understand politicians need to distinguish themselves to succeed. But at some point those politicians must set aside extremist, distractive tactics and focus on making viable public policies.

(“Distractive?” What the hell–they must have been nervous when they wrote this. But here it is, finally an editorial in a big local daily here in Minnesota that calls her out for what she is. Read the whole thing. Here’s some more excerpts–)

…she consistently invokes extremism, typically by flitting around today’s 24/7 media culture ad nauseam. She stops just long enough to drop her political bombs, yet never gives a serious thought to how to shape viable solutions in the partisan environment she knowingly inflames.

Sure, it infuriates opponents. More so, though, it does nothing to serve her district, much less the nation…

…This board has never been a supporter of Bachmann, but it was willing to treat her tactics and outlandish statements as errors in judgment and/or a need to get noticed. Sadly, we’ve had enough…

I gave a huge hat tip to Dump Bachmann commenter Lady this morning for giving us the heads up on the editorial.

At Dump Bachmann, we’ve been documenting Bachmann’s ravings for years–way before it was cool. You people who haven’t been doing that don’t realize what a dramatic, quantum leap it is for a big Minnesota print journal to call her what she is. (They’re wrong about her being a non-factor, but they put the extremism charge on the table, on the record.)

One of the chief reasons that a nut like Bachmann got in to the State Senate and Congress is that Minnesota’s traditional media wouldn’t print her extremist remarks. They had a “don’t report what Bachmann said on talk radio” news policy or something; it stretches back ten years.

Now, finally, a daily is willing to take the heat and tell Minnesota readers what she really is, citing their reasons. To show you exactly how dramatic this latest development means to us at Dump Bachmann, DB blog founder Eva Young sent in this clip. And I agree.