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Manure_spreader_Record_2Three posts down is something titled “A very bad Farm Bill will presumably pass the U.S. House.” Wrong again, maybe, because for the mega-corporations and their propaganda mill buffoons it still ain’t bad enough.

Some of the Republican hardliners in the House are warming up to the farm bill because of the massive cuts it makes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps. Not so fast, say some conservative groups, for whom making people go hungry just isn’t good enough.

“There’s not a whole lot of excitement around this bill,” among GOP conservatives, Dan Holler, vice president of Heritage Action, said last week at a briefing for reporters.
The pile-on began on Tuesday at the briefing by the Heritage Foundation, where the group’s political arm, Heritage Action, formally came out against the bill. On Wednesday the group joined about a dozen other right-leaning, free-market organizations in writing to Congress to denounce the legislation. And on Thursday, two conservative groups linked to the influential Koch brothers — Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Partners — penned a letter to Congress that said the bill moves the system farther away from free-market principles.
The groups took aim at some of the bill’s SNAP provisions, but their opposition is rooted in the farm policy side of the bill and, specifically, its lack of cutbacks to subsidy programs.

(Daily Kos)

Most people with any sense at all have long known that when right-wingnuts start pontificating about “free-market principles,” they really mean the fatuous, pitiful submission to the rich man and his corporations that they practice themselves. The majority of the populace (though, sadly, not always enough of a majority, yet) has more pride, and sense, than that, once they realize what’s going on.