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Ginny Klevorn

Sandy_Hook_Gun_Tragedy_Tim_Walz_NRA_CandidateWhat is the difference between a dozen dead second graders and a dozen dead high school students?
The high school students’ best friends will be able to vote next year.
And no, I will not apologize for the strong words and horrifying imagery. It is time for strong words and horrifying imagery.
I am facing a number of different poltical choices this year. Some of them come in two weeks at the Minnesota DFL (Democratic Party) Convention in Rochester. I’m a delegate, and I will be casting my vote to endorse two US Senate candidates, the State Auditor, the State Attorney General, the Secretary of State, and the Governor. Recently, I was engaged in the endorsement decision for my US House District, and my local state House Representative is up for election.
Filtering out races that are fait accompli, there are three people running that I am firmly committed to NOT vote for, and to work against in any way possible, because of their contribution to America’s gun-hungry, gun-happy, gun-crazy culture.
They are, in order of geographical zone covered by their potential purview as an elected official:
Tim Walz, currently in the US House representing Minnesota’s first district, now running for the endorsement for Governor of Minnesota; Erik Paulsen, running for re-election to the US House, and Sarah Anderson, running for re-election to the Minnesota House.
I can not vote in early June for Tim Walz’s endorsement because for the last 12 years he maintained an A rating form the NRA, took their money, voted mostly as they told him to vote, and made numerous public statements in support of this gun culture.


minnesota_state_capitolAlso, vote for your school referenda.

In SD28, it is ridiculous that there is a Republican in this D+4 seat, and that needs to end. Our candidate is Jon Pieper.

My top priority is making sure our children and grandchildren receive a high quality education. Public education must start early. Research has shown high quality preschool that prepares our children for kindergarten will increase standardized test scores and reduce the achievement gap. School preparedness is paramount.
The DFL House funded quality early-education programs and all day kindergarten. Early education programs are the best economic investment the public can make, they yield double-digit returns for every dollar put in. The DFL House also paid back the last of the education dollars taken by the Republican House in 2011.

Sen. Jeremy Miller doesn’t make headlines and the issues page of his website doesn’t really say much. But this is telling.

Sen. Miller was the deciding vote against a bill that would have invested over $25 million in a need for Winona State University, its students, and the City of Winona. The bill was defeated by only one vote.
Once again, Republican Sen. Jeremy Miller has turned his back on the students in his community and the people of Winona. Today, he joined every Republican Senator but one in voting against the Senate bonding bill, a bill which would create 39,000 jobs across the state and invest over $25 million in Winona State University’s Education Village.
(Fillmore County DFL)

DFLer Tom Jones is running in 11B, which goes R+1.


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