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If a Democrat did this, Republicans would be all over it screaming “voter fraud”. On her campaign’s Facebook page, State Sen. Karin Housley, just chosen as Scott Honour’s running mate, posted a photo of a ballot with her name marked:
Housley Facebook post of ballot photo


DFL state convention live blog

by Eric Ferguson on June 1, 2014 · 9 comments

I’m at the DFL state convention, and I’ll be live blogging it, which means I’ll be posting updates below. The video above is an introduction similar to this, just for kicks. Feel free to subscribe to my channel. I may post video updates if opportunity arises, but I’ll generally be where people are trying to talk or people are trying to hear, so no promises, but I’ll see if I can show some of what goes on at a convention. Otherwise I’ll be posting what’s happening, maybe with an opinion since I’m allowed to do that. It’s a blog you know, and I’m not pretending to be a reporter or to be without biases. Jump to a preview of what’s going to happen.
Late Saturday update: The Saturday portion of this live blog got very long and made the front page a long scroll, and there are other posts worth reading. So I’m putting the “read more” below this paragraph, and the time stamped updates start on the jump. As expected, life required my presence at home, but I plan to live blog Sunday too, if I can get The Uptake’s stream working for me (quickie update: it worked). I suppose it depends on traffic, but I should have a better connection anyway. The mining resolution is expected to be the controversial part of the platform debates. Guess we’ll watch and see. Some things, like the constitution changes, might be inside baseball, but leave a question in the comments and I’ll try to answer.


The party that doesn’t believe in government and proves they are incapable of governing every time they’re in charge have a candidate for Minnesota Governor who has picked the ultimate Republican Lieutenant Governor running mate.  Tom Emmer has picked Annette Meeks.  Why is this so perfect?

His running mate called for the abolition of the Lt. Gov. position:

Tom Emmer’s choice for lieutenant governor once worked on a policy paper that suggested the state didn’t really need a lieutenant governor.

To be sure, the wording wasn’t quite that clear.

“As it currently stands we do not believe that a lieutenant governor performs a necessary function or that it is in the best interest of the state to subject the office of lieutenant governor to the ambiguity under which it currently exists,” stated the 1998 Center of the American Experiment report (PDF), which had several authors.

I couldn’t even invent a worse running mate.  The material just writes itself.

The DFL emailed this statement from Party Chair Brian Melendez:

“Not only does Tom Emmer lack the judgment and temperament to be governor, but now he has chosen a running mate who believes that the job she’s running for should be abolished. That very odd choice is a troubling indicator of what an Emmer-Meeks administration would do to Minnesota.

“Carol Molnau is an ineffective and cursory part of the Republican administration that Emmer is looking to replicate. But Molnau’s ineffectiveness doesn’t mean that the lieutenant governorship needs to be an unimportant office. Minnesota faces serious challenges and we need strong, balanced leadership who will address our state’s problems head on. We need a strong lieutenant governor who will help the next governor deliver real results for Minnesotans. But the Republican bench evidently lacks any decent choices for a strong partner to their gubernatorial candidates.”