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Minnesota Local Government Aid increase

Panic, on the part of the MN GOP? Or what?

by Dan Burns on April 13, 2018 · 1 comment

mncapitol2This proposal would be a good thing for people who are not engorged with unearned privilege. Which makes it very out of character for Minnesota legislative Republicans. So you wonder if their own people are telling them that this November could indeed be massively ugly for them, if they don’t try to do something that actually affects most Minnesotans’ lives for the better. (It’s also interesting to consider, in this context, that one of Tim Pawlenty’s “legacies” as governor was slashing LGA.)


Minnesota cities that rely on local government aid to fund a number of crucial government services have seen appropriations follow a downward trend for 15 years. But those appropriations could reach their highest amount since 2002.
Sponsored by Rep. Paul Anderson (R-Starbuck), HF3493 would raise the appropriation for city local government aid from $534.4 million to $564.4 million beginning in calendar year 2019.
The bill was held over by the House Property Tax and Local Government Finance Division Wednesday for possible omnibus bill inclusion. Its companion, SF3082, sponsored by Sen. Bill Weber (R-Luverne), awaits action by the Senate Taxes Committee.
(Session Daily)

(Just a reminder that all MN House seats are up this year, but the state Senate is not.)
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