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Minnesota State Senate election

mnsenateOn behalf of all Minnesotans, even if too many don’t realize it. It’s now Lieutenant Governor Michelle Fischbach.

Her decision splits the Senate evenly at 33 Republicans and 33 Democrats. Fischbach said she waited until the end of the legislative session to resign from her seat because she felt her Senate District 13 constituents needed a representative at the Capitol.
Dayton’s office said the governor will call a special election to fill Fischbach’s Senate seat to coincide with the November general election. Fischbach said she will not run in the special election.

There will be nothing easy about winning this district. In the wake of the 2016 horror show, Minnesota’s peerless electoral stats guru has it at R+13. But overcoming big challenges is one of the things that makes life rewarding.

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New Blood in Senate District 12 Race

by Dan Burns on March 9, 2010 · 1 comment

Taylor Stevenson, a 22-year-old senior at Dartmouth, won the DFL endorsement for the District 12 State Senate Seat.  Here’s an article;  you may have to click through an ad to get there.  Here is Stevenson’s website.  I believe District 12 covers the area roughly W/NW of Mille Lacs Lake.

The seat is currently held by Republican Sen. Paul Koering, who was a gubernatorial candidate for a while.  There were plenty of good reasons to oppose him – he is, after all, a Republican – but the actual reason he dropped out wasn’t one of them.

More below the fold.
The district is apparently red-hued;  I know the Brainerd Lakes region is full of well-to-do shorefront homeowners who love Repugligorn ‘handouts-for-the-haves’ governing ideology.  But, as the article, linked above, indicates, Koering has an endorsement fight to deal with, so Stevenson may end up facing a vote-splitting duo of righties in the general.

Here’s some of what Stevenson had to say:

Stevenson addressed his youth, in a speech that preceded the endorsement, by comparing his bid to that of David, the young man in the Bible who slew the giant, Goliath.

He pledged to fund struggling schools, put people back to work, help small businesses and protect the environment. He also called for rigorous debate and real compromise in politics. Stevenson said the state must no longer rely on the regressive property tax and promised to fight for fair taxes for all Minnesotans.

He said his and Sluss’ campaign struck different tones than the campaigns of their Republican counterparts.

“By relying on the politics of personal insult, Paul Koering and Paul Gazelka are trying to navigate the low road to St. Paul,” Stevenson said.

Mr. Stevenson, may you emerge triumphant!  Kick a.!

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