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We may have passed peak trumper

by Eric Ferguson on May 11, 2017 · 0 comments

europeWhen I say we may have passed peak trumper, of course I know that it’s still early days for the Trump administration and he may get a second term. At the risk of being overpessimistic, it’s tough to beat incumbent presidents: maybe not as tough as beating incumbent congressmen, but still tough. Likewise the other big extreme right electoral win last year, Britain’s brexit, hasn’t even taken place yet (though the effects showing up so far are pretty much as the excoriated “experts” predicted).
So sure, in policy terms, the worst of the extreme right, alt-right, authoritarian right, nativist right or, to use the euphemism, “populist” right, is yet to happen. The corruption and vandalizing of our democratic institutions is just getting going. Yet, in electoral terms, it seems like the worst has passed. Trump won the GOP nomination and a big minority of the vote riding the same electoral wave that passed brexit, and before that put conservative conspiracy theorists in charge in Poland, and outright proto-fascists in charge of Hungary. Now it appears the fever broke even before it got to France, where a nativist FOP (Friend of Putin) ran a campaign indistinguishable from Trump except in the country she was going to make white, err, great, again.



But does admit that Obama has improved America’s image

Norm Coleman may be gone and we all may be trying really, really hard to forget his braying, nasal, fake-Kennedy twang, but he’s not without opinion.  He’s teamed up with another loser, former senator from Missouri and right wing nutjob, Jim Talent.  They opine in the Minneapolis Star Tribune that putting missiles in Eastern Europe is the right thing to do and Obama is wrong to scrap those plans.  

Of course, these two start off in their first sentence with a bald-faced lie.

We are two Republicans who believe politics must end at the water’s edge. For example: Despite misgivings, we support the administration in the war in Afghanistan. But with the best will in the world, we cannot understand how the president could have abandoned the missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic, particularly since he seems to have gotten nothing in return. And we think that everyone across the political spectrum should ask some pointed questions.

“Politics ends at the water’s edge”, huh?  That couldn’t be farther from the truth for Norm.

Whatever happened to the motto you Republicans lived by “my country right or wrong?”  Oh, right.  It only applies to Republican administrations.

Norm participated in the one of the most corrupt, deceitful regimes in American history.  They lied and politicized everything regardless of any border.  They believed that if enough people repeated the lie, it made it true.  They called anyone who criticized Bush traitorous if not a traitor.

What about making sure that the war was run competently in Iraq?  What about making sure that our tax dollars weren’t wasted by the millions by corruption and incompetence?  No you would only investigate Rove-approved targets.

What about protecting our troops from contractors that poison them and electocrute them?  You chose to sit on your hands so that Republican donors could make fortunes off of no-bid contracts.

At stake here is the risk of thermonuclear attack. If such a threat from Iran is real, why deliberately slow our defensive preparations? If it’s not real, why build the more expensive sea-based alternative to deal with it?

Really, Norm?  So they have WMDs ready to deploy right now?  Pardon me if I point out that this sounds similar to the rhetoric you used in the runup to the Iraq War.

Also, why is it that you are suddenly concerned about wasting taxpayer money?  You could’ve cared less as a Senator.  When you did bother to perform your oversight duties you talked about the millions wasted when you ignored the billions wasted in corruption and incompetence in Iraq.

Second, the decision sends the wrong message to both friend and enemy. Its purpose, admittedly, was to mollify Russia, but not because the Russians are actually afraid; the sites pose no threat to them. Russia’s real objection was the symbolism of having former Warsaw Pact countries so firmly in the Western camp. Similarly, the value of the sites for the Poles and Czechs was about both the symbolism of a U.S. commitment to their sovereignty as well as actual missile defense from Iranian missiles. Abandoning the sites sends the unmistakable message that the countries of Eastern Europe are on their own in dealing with Russia. The message will not be lost on the nations of the Western Pacific, which must deal with growing Chinese power.

Norm wasn’t concerned about messaging when Republicans and their media lapdogs lied America into a war we didn’t need, tortured prisoners, shredded the constitution, wiretapped it’s citizens and turned America into a banana republic.

George Galloway said it best:

“To be accused of lack of character by Senator Norm Coleman is a bit like being told to sit up straight by the Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

Back Norm and Talentless.

Remember that Russia actually invaded one of its neighbors less than a year ago. And though no one seems to talk about it, the Russians still have troops in Georgia. In fact, they just signed a deal to establish military bases in the Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions of Georgia, which Russia has provocatively recognized as independent states. In light of these actions, it’s remarkable that the United States has been manipulated into treating the missile defense issue as the biggest irritant in its bilateral relationship. After all, there can be no moral equivalence between a Western defensive system and Russia’s actual offensive actions, military and economic.

Oh boy.  So let’s start with Norm’s lies about the Georgia-Russia conflict.  Georgia started it.

Norm doesn’t mention that Georgia’s connection with the lobby firm owned by John McCain’s top advisor.  There were some questions about certain assurances that the Bush Administration would have their back or something.

But Republicans like Norm and Talentless don’t like to think such things like reality.

The tired parsing and twisting of the truth goes on for quite a while.  But they don’t fail to deliver a comical close to their op-ed.

To his credit, Barack Obama has been a popular figure around the world, and has so far been able to improve America’s image in many places. The recent news that he had won the Nobel Peace Prize demonstrates that the president’s approach has won him many friends and admirers in European circles. But in foreign policy, the goal isn’t just to get other countries to like us; it’s to get their governments to respect and work with us on shared priorities. Perhaps the administration has orchestrated some undisclosed, enforceable quid pro quo whereby the Russians will now stop abetting the Iranians and actually get serious about stopping their nuclear progress. But so far there are no such signs. The signs are that the United States has suffered an unmitigated defeat that will imperil its security and its interests, not just in Eastern Europe but around the world.

Why did we do this to ourselves?

Holy ****!  He admitted that Obama has improved our image.

Anyone else glad that this man is out of politics?