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Secure Rural schools Act funding release

school3This first one summarizes a lot of material on a reality that even many who are pro-public schools just do not seem to want to face. That is, the ultimate goal of the deformers really is to dumb down future generations of voters so that they will buy into continued kleptocratic, war pig rule, as far too many of their parents and grandparents do now.

After five years of research and the publication of The One Percent Solution, (University of Oregon Prof. Gordon) Lafer concluded that by lobbying to make changes like increasing class sizes, pushing for online instruction, lowering accreditation requirements for teachers, replacing public schools with privately-run charters, getting rid of publicly elected school boards and a host of other tactics, Big Business was aiming to dismantle public education.
The grand plan was even more ambitious. These titans of business wished to completely change the way Americans and their children viewed their life potential. Transforming education was the key.
The lobbyists and associations perfected cover stories to keep the public from knowing their real objectives. Step one was to raise fears about an American educational crisis that did not, in fact, exist. Lafer notes, for example, that the reading and math scores of American students have remained largely unchanged for forty years. Nonetheless, the corporate-backed alarmists worked to convince the public that the school system was in dire condition.
(Institute for New Economic Thinking)

(Two weeks ago) Congress released funds, held up for years, that support public schools in rural communities.
Federal lawmakers failed to reauthorize funding for the Secure Rural Schools Act (SRS) in 2015, leaving more than 4,400 rural schools that are on or near federally protected lands short on critical funding.
SRS was introduced in 2000 to replace taxes and timber sales revenue. But funding for the program expired in December 2015, and the last payments were delivered in March 2016.
(Education Votes)