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South Dakota primary 2018

trump18Yeah, can’t wait.

Donald Trump will make his first visit to Minnesota as president next week for a rally in Duluth, the battleground for the open and highly competitive 8th Congressional District seat.
Trump will come to Duluth June 20, his campaign announced Monday.

It is instructive to consider what just happened in one of our neighboring states. (The author’s home blog is Dakota Free Press.)

Lots of votes in South Dakota suggested a skin-deep weakness to Trumpism in our rural corner of Trumplandia. Neal Tapio demonstrated most vividly that the only guy who can turn Trumpism into votes is the unique monster that is Donald Trump. Trump wasn’t on any South Dakota ballot Tuesday, and Trumpism helped few if any candidates win.
(Daily Kos)

Some people, including (especially?) in corporate media, still can’t seem to get their heads around the possibility that a huge chunk of the citizenry really does have a problem with racist, misogynistic, horrifically corrupt, easily played and suckered, traitorous filth in the White House. But that’s their problem.
Update: In support of that last part, a Democrat accomplished yet another 20+ point swing for a state legislative special election win, yesterday, in Wisconsin.