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Terri Bonoff

Meanwhile in MN CD 3 …

by JeffStrate on October 17, 2016 · 3 comments

Image of Bonoff and Paulsen

Terri Bonoff and Erik Paulsen

A KSTP/SurveyUSA poll published late last week on Tom Hauser’s At Issue political analysis program, shows GOP, right wing incumbent Erik Paulsen with an eleven point lead over DFL endorsed challenger Terri Bonoff.

“After several months of withering attacks trying to tie him to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Erik Paulsen holds a commanding lead in his race with 3rd District challenger Terri Bonoff. In our exclusive KSTP/SurveyUSA poll, Paulsen leads Bonoff 49 percent to 38 percent. Another 13 percent remain undecided.”

Steven Schier, the ever available pundit from Carleton College, notes in the October 16, 2016  KSTP-TV News web article about the poll that voters are not associating Mr. Paulsen with Mr. Trump.   That is clearly the case.  Terri’s team needs to do a quick and major re-direction on what will work during the next three weeks.

The article does not mention the dump trucks of misleading, anti-Bonoff mailers that arrive at our Eden Prairie (CD 3) home or refer to the equally smelly and un-credible, anti-Bonoff spots that pop up on television and the internet.


photo of Junk Yard Democrats.

Eden Prairie’s Junk Yard Democrats

This month Democratic Visions features a fifteen minute discussion between Terri Bonoff and Ted O’Brien and a Junk Yard Democrats’ video.  With “He Talks the Line,” the boys re-purpose a Johnny Cash classic to comment on Mr. Paulsen’s record.

Here are the links –  15 Minutes with Terri Bonoff

Junk Yard Democrats – Erik Paulsen: He Talks the Line





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paulsen2You can help our candidate, Terri Bonoff, here.

Let’s look at the record.
Erik Paulsen has been in the pocket of medical device companies throughout his career. He has successfully advocated for a moratorium on the device task that helps fund Obamacare….creating a windfall for companies like Medtronic.
Of course, not satisfied with that tax break, Medtronic changes their corporate address to Ireland so that they can avoid more taxes. All the while, building up offshore bank accounts, hiding their profits – and forcing the rest of us to pay their bills.
Although Paulsen voted against the Dream Act and voted for many of the Trump like immigration bills that came from this Congress, Paulsen managed to vote in favor of special visas that business wanted so that they can bring in high-tech workers from other countries…at the expense of American workers.
And how about energy corporations? Paulsen was right there for them as well. He voted YES on opening Outer Continental Shelf to oil drilling. He voted YES on barring EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. He voted NO on enforcing limits on CO2 global warming pollution. And he voted to bar greenhouse gases from Clean Air Act rules, and to declare that nothing in the Act shall be treated as authorizing or requiring the regulation of climate change or global warming…
Paulsen could easily fit into the Trump camp, except for one clear difference. Paulsen’s corporate masters need him to support the TPP.

Paulsen is all over the place on whether he supports Donald Trump for POTUS. And he’s a total NRA stooge. And he’s big on handouts for corrupt war contractors.
Voters need to understand that Rep. Paulsen is most definitely not a “moderate.” And that the essential first step to making things better for everyone is getting right-wingers like him out of power.


paulsen2(You can help out the Democratic candidate, Terri Bonoff, here.)


Now Paulsen, the recipient of more than $500,000 in donations from the (medical device) industry, has thrown his wealthy handlers another bone. He cast a vote for a bill that would allow tax-exempt groups from ever having to reveal its donors — even to the federal government.
In other words, shill organizations masquerading as nonprofits like the Medical Device Innovation Consortium could spend gobs of money on mailers and TV commercials come election time, and nobody would be wiser as to who’s behind the cause or why.
(City Pages)

Paulsen’s A grade has been dutifully earned as well. Over an 18-month period, Paulsen voted 13 times to block efforts to bring a gun safety measure to the House floor.
Nicknamed “No Fly, No Buy,” the proposal would ban suspected terrorists on the FBI’s terror watch list from being able to buy guns. It seeks to close the loophole for people who the FBI has determined should not be on a plane, but can still legally purchase firearms.
(City Pages)

Too many people in Paulsen’s “moderate” district just sort of reflexively vote for him, unaware of what a farce his contrived “moderate” image is. It’s time to send this right-winger packing.
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DFL state convention live blog

by Eric Ferguson on June 4, 2016 · 2 comments

Like I mentioned in a non-sequitor at the end of this post, I plan to live blog the DFL convention Saturday. That depends on The Uptake having a livestream as in recent conventions, since I can’t be there in person, due to medical issues I assume readers don’t care about the details of. Since anyone can watch the stream, I’ll try to focus on explanations and commentary. Open this post and refresh it once in a while. I’ll check the comments occasionally for questions. I’m still typing more slowly than usual so it could be tricky, but I’ll give a game effort. If you want to see the agenda, that’s on the state DFL web site. It doesn’t give a specific convening time, but from the ending time of training sessions, looks like it will start around 9 AM. I’ll add a Read More link when the convention starts, so click that, or else be content with reading this introduction over and over.
Yes, The Uptake has a live stream. This is what I’m watching.


MN-03: Long past time for a change

by Dan Burns on May 2, 2016 · 1 comment

bonoffAs you undoubtedly know by now, Minnesota state Sen. Terri Bonoff is Rep. Erik Paulsen’s opponent. You can help Terri out here. Paulsen’s minions are already running a pretty iffy attack campaign.


Electorally, Paulsen’s biggest weakness (of many) is in my estimation his lack of accomplishment on behalf of all but the extremely wealthy. But if pointing that out was enough to get rid of Republican House members in swing districts, they would all be long gone. What can do the job is turnout, and unusual circumstances – like a loudly and proudly bigoted, misogynistic lunatic at the top of the party’s ticket.
Presumably thanks in part to Paulsen’s only legislative “accomplishment” of note – a hiatus in the ACA medical device tax – 2016 is being termed the year of “merger mania” in that industry. When all is said and done this sort of thing tends to result in job losses. I haven’t found any evidence for that on a large scale, yet, though I didn’t exactly spend all day looking. We’ll find out.
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imagesCAC74BJKThe “chronically underperforming” (a good many) would have to get it together.

Critics of underperforming charter schools say state law isn’t tough enough. They’re pushing a measure that would flag poor performing charters for closure…
Overall, students at charter schools don’t do as well academically as students in traditional district schools, according to research by Myron Orfield, director of the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity.
“The problem is the vast majority of charters are underperforming and maybe 25, 30 percent of them are just really terrible and they go on from year to year,” said Orfield, one of the biggest critics of charter schools in Minnesota. “They’re considerably worse than the public schools.”

This links to a PDF of Orfield’s recent study.

Apparently, the bill was introduced last year, and didn’t get anywhere, but is in for a bigger push, this time around. What’s interesting is that the bill’s author, State Sen. Terri Bonoff (DFL-Minnetonka), is most decidedly not left-wing. If moderates like her are willing to do something like this, charters have to be losing political heft, in Minnesota. That’s especially significant with plenty of school board elections, many likely to be targeted by the deformer movement, like in Minneapolis, coming up later this year.
I am not rigidly opposed to charters, if they would do what they were originally, purportedly supposed to do: take the really tough kids and give them the added support that they need. But, if that ever really was the mission, it’s long since been for the most part lost. (It probably was the original agenda, of some in the charter movement. But those with less noble priorities, like profit, and attacking public schools, clearly came to dominate in a hurry.)


Plymouth, MN) David Gaither stands, grinning, behind a black-and-white pig on a small, four-wheeled cart. “As Senator, David Gaither will Stop the Pork” asserts the red, white and blue, hand-lettered sign he rests his hands on. Gaither’s grin looks slightly uncomfortable, but there’s no way to know if that discomfort arises from his proximity to the pig, or from the simplistic, lowest-common-denominator politics the pig represents.

Gaither is running for a seat in the Minnesota State Senate, apparently with pork on his mind. He’s chosen a popular target, one that every out-of-work politician since the ancient Greeks has loudly denounced. But where would Gaither find his “pork”?
Is it in the $2.4 billion his Republican cohorts have withheld from Minnesota schools, the “loans” from Minnesota kids that Republican legislators have used to create a “balanced” budget? That money is supposed to be paid back, and quickly, but no one on the Republican side of the aisle has yet explained how a payback will be permanently accomplished. Or is Gaither’s pork in health care funding that helps keep thousands of elderly Minnesotans safe in their nursing home beds, elderly who would have literally nowhere else to sleep, nowhere to go, if Minnesota turned its back on them?

Guiding Minnesota in the 21st Century is a more sophisticated task than applying a butcher’s meat-axe to state spending. Since Gaither’s hasty exit from State government, almost six years ago, the fat and even considerable lean muscle have been trimmed from Minnesota’s body politic. The State budget that remains is one in which ham-fisted cuts would slice deeply into schools and nursing homes, into state parks, into aging roads and bridges. With the fat long since gone, each new cut leaves a lasting scar.

Gaither’s opponent, State Senator Terri Bonoff, recognized years ago that simply cutting State services doesn’t make those services better, or improve Minnesota’s quality of life. Since entering the Minnesota Senate in 2005, Bonoff has been the leading voice for ‘reforming the business ofgovernment’ in Minnesota. Her campaign slogan precisely describes her legislative methods, and her results.

Drawing on her extensive business background, Senator Bonoff visualizes a lean and effective state government, one that delivers the best quality of services at the lowest reasonable cost.

In the Senate, she has advocated, created and passed legislation consolidating State information technology services under a single agency, developing a strategic plan for the structural redesign of government services delivery, providing dedicated transit funding without increased taxes, establishing alternative teacher licensure, and fostering a business climate where new and emerging industries can flourish and grow.

“Uniting the middle” is a guiding principle for Terri Bonoff. It’s her way of accomplishing the people’s business in the Minnesota Senate. Not surprisingly, her legislative accomplishments and her run for re-election have earned repeat endorsements from not only the Minnesota and Twin West Chambers of Commerce, but also from environmental groups, trade unions, realtors, health care professionals, police and peace officers, retailers, small business organizations, and many more.

Minnesota can’t improve and grow by only cutting services, or by paying attention only to the needs of a single group. By uniting the middle and reforming the business of government, Minnesota State Senator Terri Bonoff has already highlighted a clear path to a more efficient, more effective, brighter and better 21st Century Minnesota.

(image via; fair use)


Direct mail is weird.

That’s the conclusion I have to draw this week, after plenty of attack mailers and “thank you!” mailers from organizations that have nothing to do with the issue on which they’re thanking Republicans.

But yesterday got even weirder: the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce is in mailboxes with a mailer encouraging voters to KEEP LIGHT RAIL COMING TO OUR AREA, and ASK YOUR CANDIDATES FOR STATE SENATOR AND STATE REPRESENTATIVE.

The TwinWest Chamber is something of an odd duck. They’re definitely a Chamber affiliate, but they don’t hew to the same uber-conservative line as the National Chamber, for example. Their organization really thinks things through, and has a solid relationship with leaders on both sides of the aisle. And they have a solid reasoning behind wanting light rail in the west metro, which they lay out in the mailer.

But this mailer is odd, for one main reason: the TwinWest Chamber supports light rail, but has endorsed Republican leaders who don’t. Take 48A incumbent Kirk Stensrud for example. He has repeatedly voted against bills that would bring necessary money to the Southwest Light Rail project, and has helped Republican leaders (paging Kurt Zellers…) stonewall the project’s funding, putting the entire effort at risk.

Chambers aren’t alone in this — there are plenty of liberal interest groups who have historically cut off their noses to spite their faces with single-issue endorsements of candidates and leaders who oppose their agenda in many other areas. In the case of Stensrud, however, the Chamber is walking a fine line here — it seems that they understand that they have endorsed people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, and this mailer seems to be a soft way of getting people thinking about the big (actual) job-creator: light rail transit in the west metro.

It should go without saying that Stensrud’s opponent, Yvonne Selcer, strongly supports the Southwest LRT project.

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Bonoff on the right track (maybe)

by Joe Bodell on March 16, 2011 · 1 comment

Clearly, this is a sign that my fellow Islamofasciocommuniterroliberademocralizard Jewish Americans still hate America’s Judeo-Christian roots. Or something.

A state senator who is Jewish said Tuesday she was “highly uncomfortable” while a visiting Baptist pastor repeatedly mentioned Jesus Christ and Christianity in a prayer on the floor of the state Senate a day earlier, and wants to require that prayers in the chamber be nondenominational.

The prayer, and the reaction to it by Sen. Terri Bonoff, DFL-Minnetonka, threatens to re-ignite a debate that’s long simmered in the Minnesota Legislature over the content of the invocations that open each Senate and House floor chamber session. Bonoff said she’s met resistance to her concerns from some members of the new Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

I’ve definitely been in Sen. Bonoff’s position, but my take is slightly different.

I like Terri a lot, but I worry that the way she’s talking about this issue will leave her sounding petty. Unsurprisingly, Fox News takes it as evidence that all Democrats hate America, but that’s not really the underlying meat of it in my mind…we should be pointing out the hypocrisy of wanting priests and ministers to invoke Jesus Christ but not wanting an imam to bless the proceedings with “Allahu Akbar” or a Wiccan priestess to provide her prayers and blessings.

If those (and a cornucopia of other options) are allowed, encouraged, and sought, then I don’t really have a problem with it. Show off everything our community has to offer, not none of it.

But if there’s concern about non-christian clergy offering blessings and prayer each day, sink your teeth in the hypocrisy and don’t let go until it’s dead.

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Arne Carlson endorses Terri Bonoff

by The Big E on October 26, 2010 · 1 comment

Former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson endorsed Sen. Terri Bonoff (DFL-Minnetonka) for reelection to her SD43 seat.  SD43 encompasses parts of Minnetonka, Plymouth and Medicine Lake.  Arne’s endorsement particularly burns the modern Republican party.  They simply have no room for moderate’s like Carlson.  Congrats to Terri for her coup of getting his endorsement.

This ad will be targeted to hit the airwaves in Comcast zones 2 and 3.  This limits the views to pretty much the people in her district.

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