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Trump budget proposal

trump2More on the budget proposal.

This is a “shock and awe” budget, designed to dazzle and confuse Trump’s political enemies and the general public. When Republicans on Capitol Hill dial back a few of its more extreme cuts, as is almost inevitable, the public will be expected to sigh with relief. That would be a mistake, since the result will almost certainly remain draconian.
Congressional Republicans will also demand cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Trump promised to defend those programs, but stay tuned: after ritual displays of ‘reluctance,’ followed by ‘negotiations,’ Trump will probably break that promise too.
Trump pretends to be a different kind of Republican, but his budget blueprint is ideologically consistent with the modern GOP’s hard-right extremism. It values death over life, and fear over hope. It tramples on the bonds that hold us together as one people. It sells off the environment, our shared inheritance. It rejects the fundamental American idea that a nation should be a community, a group of people who protect and look out for one another. It’s antagonistic to the very idea of government itself.


trump14Though I’m not with the author on the schadenfreude, this is on the whole one of the best things I’ve seen so far on Pr*sident Trump’s budget proposal. Lots of informative links.

Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 budget will cut funding for programs that predominantly helps older Americans such as the anti-hunger program Meals on Wheels. Older (white) voters were key to Trump’s presidential victory.
The president’s proposed 2018 budget will severely harm rural communities. For example, while Trump was lying about helping coal miners and bringing back that dying industry, “his proposed budget will slash funds for the Appalachian Regional Commission, a federal-state agency founded in 1965 to promote economic development and infrastructure in some of the poorest parts of the United States,”as The New York Times has reported. These rural voters in red-state America were among Trump’s strongest supporters…
In total, Trump’s 2018 budget proposes hundreds of billions of dollars in cutbacks. As part of that plan, Trump and the Republican Party will take monies from the poor and other vulnerable populations and give them to the rich, the already bloated military and big corporations. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump promised his supporters he would “drain the swamp,” which was understood to mean driving lobbyists and special interests out of Washington. Instead, he is overflowing those fetid waters with financial payoffs for Wall Street and other gangster capitalists at the expense of the American people.

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