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Trump supporters psychology

trump34I happen to think there is some value in trying to get to the bottom of what motivates Trump supporters, from an objective, scientific viewpoint grounded in what we know about human psychology. Meaning, how their cognitive biases operate, and so forth. (In fact, my personal take, though with plenty of qualifications, on the deal with right-wingers in general is that when you get right down to it they truly, honestly just do not know any better.) The essay I’m blockquoting, linking, and highly recommending here kind of trashes that. But it kicks so much a** that I’m sharing it anyway.

You want to find good people, look for the people who are just as poor but care for others anyway, or who are under just as much economic stress but do not use it as excuse for cheating and stealing their way through it — or offering up eager praise for those that do. Good people don’t claim to have family values and then discard those values at the drop of a hat when a rich, shouting hatebag they saw on their television set tells them to ignore all that. Good people don’t soak themselves in transparent lies about immigrants or minorities, then declare everyone else to be “elites” arrayed against them in “elite”-minded conspiracy when some newspaper, somewhere, points out that those things were, in fact, cheap and tawdry lies.
The more we hear from Trump defenders, the more transparent it is that they are indeed, well, bad. It’s terribly rude to say, and the press cannot say it, but the rest of us can. If you still support Trump at this late date, you are a terrible human being. You should, in fact, feel bad about yourself.
Yes, the rest of us do indeed look down on these people. Those of us with actual family values do; those of us who care about honesty in government do; those of us who are not furious bulging-eyed racists do; those of us who believe thousands of years of scientific discoveries are worth more than the dribbling pronouncements of a street-corner charlatan do; those of us with actual religious convictions do; those of us who are actual patriots do.
(Daily Kos)