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Target Corporation: Have They Been Lying to the LGBT Community?

by BearBudMN on July 20, 2010

Minnesota has begun to see the first fruits of the Supreme Court Decision Citizens United.  However, the last corporation we would expect to take first advantage of it is Target.

According to WCCO News Target Corporation donated about $150,000.00 to a political action committee called “Forward Minnesota” that has sponsored a television ad for GOP Candidate Tom Emmer.

The news has only begun to ripple through the LGBT Community and is already receiving some bad press.  Many are shocked and dismayed that Target a company that participates in many LGBT related functions including Twin Cities Pride and the Minnesota AIDS Walk every year, would even consider sponsoring an ad for the most anti-gay candidate for Governor.  

What is the next move for progressives and LGBT people and those who support the LGBT Communty?  Should we begin a letter writing campaign?  Should we begin to boycott Target,which may leave many middle to lower class Minnesotan’s with only Wal-Fart (excuse me, Wal-Mart)?  What about those who use Target’s amazing $4.00 prescription program that saves many of us a lot of money?  How can progressives and the LGBT community respond to this in a way that will get our message across to the Target Corporation effectively?  Are we all really helpless to Citizens United, or is there more we can all do?

If corporations are going to begin using Citizens United as their best tools for putting themselves ahead of people, then how can we respond to that?  

I offer these and many questions for everyone’s thoughts and comments.  We have an obligation to respond to this.  This is one of those things that I hope either Mike Macintee or even Matt McNeil from AM 950 picks up on and runs with it on their radio shows.  I think it is very important that people here on the Minnesota Progressive Project and all through out the Twin Cities area be given an opportunity to respond to this in a way that will really hit Target Corporation where it will effect change in a positive way for everyone.

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