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Target Gets 240,000 Complaints for Emmer Move

by Curmudgeon on August 7, 2010

Eden Prairie grandmother and activist Randi Reitan brought husband Phillip and son Jacob to Target HQ at noon, Friday, Aug 6, with a bunch of vocal supporters. Randi rattled Target’s cage last week with a video showing her reversing a Target shopping trip and cutting up her Target card. That video reached over 250,000 views as of today. Today’s HQ video:

(link to YouTube)

Target’s contribution of $150,000 to Minnesota Forward, a right wing group supporting Tom Emmer, a guy who’s against almost everything.

The LGBT community acted swiftly and the boycott spread across the country. BAM, the group protesting Arizona SB70 immigration nightmare joined in support of the boycott. adopted it nation wide and promoted individuals delivering boycott letters at high noon today.
No report yet on the count of individuals visiting their local store. The action at HQ was sponsored by MoveOn in cooperation with local LGBT activists.
The boycott has also been picked up by Care2Action.

Target has a long record of supporting gay rights, but this corporate investment angered their friends. Target has apologized for their action, but the words are ringing hollow. (
Jake Reitan claims that the original Target plan was to give $1 million to MN Forward.
The infamous Citizens United Supreme Court ruling may come back to bite the corporations lined up to buy elections.
In case you missed Randi’s original story:…

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