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The Natives Are Restless! Or…

by TwoPuttTommy on February 8, 2013 · 1 comment

…”Money Down The Rathole!”

OK, deeply in debt, The Party Of Cooked Books sent out a tweet:  “The MN DFL Chairman bragged that “never before has our party been more powerful.” Fight back! #mngop #mnleg #stribpol”.  That link in that tweet?  Takes folks to the MnGOP’s website (screenshot is to the right), where they’re asking folks for some dough.  Except, some folks are not really happy with the MnGOP!

Here’s my favorite comment (so far), by “Larry” —

“Until the conservatives grow some balls, I will not give any more money to put down the rathole!”

Say, Larry?  It’s not the lack o’ ‘nads that’s the real problem with today’s MnGOP that makes donating to it a “rathole” – it’s their Cooked Books that makes it a rathole; it’s things like this!

And, that’s just one of many the MnGOP cut to the Feds to pay for their past misdeeds.

That’s just the past; there’s mighty good reason to think that future donations from The Party Faithful will go to paying for past misdeeds yet again!

Today’s MnGOP is indeed a rathole, and it’s for the old-fashioned reason:  they EARNED it.

Dog Gone February 8, 2013 at 9:53 pm

a thin dime until they do a proper accounting review, by real accountants, who are independent of the party, and make it public.

That they have not done so, no matter how fast they tap dance around it or spin is a big indicator there is a lot of dirt under the rug and that their closet is full of rattling skeletons.

Btw, given how this is the MN GOP, did anyone verify that this was a real tweet from the DFL chair?

It’s not like they have a great reputation over there at the MN GOP for integrity or factual accuracy.

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