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The same old crap: Republicans look to suppress Minnesota votes

by Dan Burns on May 5, 2017 · 1 comment

NoVoteHere’s the cover page of the bill, SF514. I’m just going to pass along the bulk of an email from the Minnesota Senate DFL Caucus, specifically Assistant Minority Leader Sen. Susan Kent (DFL-Woodbury).

The Omnibus Elections Bill authored by Republican Mary Kiffmeyer would create a controversial and complicated provisional balloting system that would throw out legitimate ballots so that not all votes would be counted. Furthermore, it would allow anybody to challenge your ballot without basis or cause. If your ballot were to be challenged, your vote may not be counted and your private data would be permanently made public. Not only is this a bad idea, it also adds millions of dollars in costs to already overburdened counties.
Countless Minnesotans would be disenfranchised and unnecessarily hassled if this becomes law. Republicans’ goal is to suppress the vote so that they can more easily pass their agenda. When fewer people participate, Republicans win. They want to change the rules to make it harder for your vote to be counted.

Comment below fold.

From Mac Hall: There is good reasons that Kiffmeyer’s bill should not be approved — even by Republicans who must realize that their personal information will be available for anyone to review.
But isn’t the real problem that people just don’t vote … even with the system is easier today with the “no excuse early voting”.
The big vote last week in the House was the approval of TrumpCare … and Minnesota played a key role in that outcome. It was approved with one vote to spare … meaning that Erik Paulsen was exposed.
Paulsen and others would have gotten even more pressure if Jason Lewis wasn’t there protecting them. Should Jason Lewis have been there … did people realize that when they decided to cast their vote that their healthcare would be changed … his campaign was based on repealing Obamacare, so no one should have been surprised … yet would they vote today, if they knew what they know now ? Lewis beat Angie Craig by 6,655 but 29,229 voted for someone else while 53,531 were registered but didn’t vote. Reports are that there were another 49K that are not registered.
America has an apathy problem … the challenge for all politicians is how to get more people to participate … Kiffmeyer’s bill will not help.

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