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The tears of Mary Franson

by The Big E on March 13, 2013

You all probably knew that Rep. Mary Franson (R-Alexandria) wasn’t going to let Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen (R-Glencoe) acquire the Sceptre of Crazy and lead the Ignorance Caucus without a fight.
Franson is upset about unionizing daycare providers. She’s so upset that that she cried.


A former child care provider, Franson was visibly distraught over the issue.
“I’m just very emotional today because the Democrats are just destroying this state,” she said through tears.
Franson said child care providers should have the right to run their business without a union, to choose to be privatized and receive the subsidy.
“The union is going to denigrate the child care system as we know it,” she said. “It doesn’t stop with the unions; they’re going after our disabled people also.”
Franson said it is not only child care subsidies that are affected. The money available for care of disabled people will be cut as well.
(Alexandria Echo)

Crying over an issue she cares about isn’t crazy. I know that several DFL legislators admitted they had tears in their eyes as Republicans decimated our state’s social services. So it’s legitimate that she might be concerned that “Democrats are just destroying this state.”
What’s crazy about Franson in this particular episode of her embarrassing public career, is that she was rather gleeful about doing real damage to thousand upon thousand of poor Minnesotans. When the DFLers I mentioned were wiping wet eyes at the thought of how many people were going to suffer, Franson said this:

But Mary Franson was pleased with slicing the health and human services budget, as she wrote her August 2011 piece, It’s the Spending Stupid:

The fact that we were able to turn Health and Human Services from a projected growth of over 22% and bend the curve down to less than 5% is impressive in itself. Even still, Minnesota has a spending problem NOT a revenue problem and it needs to be seriously addressed.

At the end of the day – we are at war. We are fighting an ideological war. . . .

Apparently, it’s ok to slash pay for some of the state’s hardest workers in low-paying jobs. But should they organize so that they might avoid the whims of budget battles?
(Bluestem Prairie)

Then consider the lies she’s telling. She equates allowing childcare providers to join a union to “denigrat[ing] the child care system” and “going after our disabled people.” How does she reach these startling conclusions? I have no idea other than to conclude that she’s a nut case.

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