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This guy wants to be president: GOP debate live blog November 10

by Eric Ferguson on November 10, 2015

clown carThe next GOP presidential debate starts tonight at 8PM central time. Yes, once again I’m skipping the “undercard” debate because it just doesn’t matter. This debate is on Fox Business, which will be the first time that channel has been watched by pretty much anyone. Fox Business: because the Wall Street shills on CNBC just aren’t conservative enough! So I’ll be simultaneously noting what the candidates say, doing some instant fact checking (no time for linking, so your own fact checking of my fact checking is advised), and maybe even providing some instant yet clever commentary.
So click the “read more” link if you’re reading this on the home page, and hit your browser reload button once in a while. Feel free to comment, but do understand that I may not have time to get it posted right away. Please excuse me if I miss something visual, because my eyes are on the editing page, which means essentially the debate is radio for me.

The debate is about to start. As to whether the Fox Business web stream starts… And maybe I should be grateful to the Republicans, as they’ve spared me that awful decision. Watch the Wild or the Timberwolves? Or wear out the TV remote? Then again, it’s debate time, and that little circling graphic thingy is still circling where the web stream should be.
8:06, still no web stream. Did they want anyone watching this or not?
OK, we have a web stream. Carson just said he wouldn’t raise the minimum wage because he wants them to have opportunities. In his head that makes sense. Rubio says the problem is the economy lacks enough jobs that pay enough — so he wouldn’t raise the minimum wage. And oh yeah, repeal Obamacare.
Bartiromo says Social Security is rushing towards insolvency. No, it isn’t. Great, even the moderators are factually challenged. What is this, Fox News? Oh, right. Kasich says he lower taxes, but not $11 trillion, a shot at Rubio. Calls other tax cut plans “tax schemes”. Both Kasich and Rubio accused Democrats of giving things away. Like what, a chance to make a living? How horrible of those Dumbocrats! Kasich says he cut Medicaid growth without cutting benefits. Do Ohio’s poor agree with that? Though yes, Kasich did accept the Medicaid expansion.
Bartiromo used to be called “the money honey”. Too bad she didn’t bother learning as much about economics as about on camera presentation. Some economists think there’s going to be a recession? There always are some who think that. Cruz thinks economic growth pretty much just requires more leadership.
Bush Kasich argue over who should get more time. Bush questioned on how he gets 4% growth. Surprise, cut taxes. And cut every rule Obama had put in place. On everything. This is supposed to be the smarter Bush. Says more small businesses closing than opening. That sounds wrong. Besides, does he know almost all small businesses fail?
Moderator points out W’s job creation numbers much worse than Clinton or Obama. Fiorina decides to go into one of those “I met a regular person” stories. Goes of on government has gotten bigger and is crushing the economy. Even though the moderator just pointed out the opposite is true. She repeats her “zero based budgeting” line some conservatives like to trot out as a gimmick, like the balanced budget amendment. Doesn’t answer the question at all, but gets big applause.
Moderator whose name I don’t know points out how CEO’s have gotten so much wealthier than employees. Paul says it’s all the Democrats fault, and the Federal Reserve is screwing up everything. Says Fed is destroying the value of the currency. Sure, that’s why the dollar is so weak and we have high inflation. Oh wait, the opposite is true. That’s a good rule of thumb for anything Paul says. The dollar is strong because we have the developed world’s strongest economy, and inflation is near zero, exactly the opposite of what would happen if the value of our currency was being ruined. I actually appreciate how Paul wants to reach out to poor and minorities unlike any other Republican, but his economic beliefs come from crackpotland.
Cavuto brings up Carson’s claim he’s being scrutinized more than Obama. Carson wants to pretend he’s being scrutinized for what he said in the distant past. No, he’s in trouble for what he’s been saying recently. Carson calls Hillary a liar. Bubblonians have themselves convinced of this. Carson says he’s being misinterpreted. Will he cut Hillary the same slack?
Bartiromo asks Trump what he’ll do about the effect “illegal immigrants” are having on the economy. Trump says they’re hurting us. The evidence suggests otherwise, but anyway. Trump says we’ll have a wall. Compares his wall to Israel’s. She asks if he can deport 5 million, Trump dodges. Kasich says mass deportations impossible. Trump says Ohio is just lucky they struck oil. Cites Eisenhower as proof mass deportations can work. Trump, Kasich, and Bush speaking over each other. Why don’t the adults tell the kids to behave?
Trump says because he’s built a big company he doesn’t have to listen to Kasich. Bush sarcastically thanks Trump for letting him speak. OK, Bush wins that one. He calls mass deportations impractical. Says there needs to be a path to legal status.
The moderator I didn’t recognize is Gerard Baker. Asks Rubio about technological change destroying jobs. Rubio compares spread of telephones to spread of “Candy Crush” to how much faster things change now. Frikkin’ really? Rubio says modernize education, whatever that means, and repeal Obamacare.
Baker asks Cruz about calling for retiree benefit cuts. Cruz falls back on leave current seniors alone, and screw over the young. Cruz says Democrats are laughing because if Republicans support amnesty, they’ll lose. No, that’s not why we’re laughing. We’re also shaking our heads that this is what has become of a major political party. Cruz points out he’s the son of a legal immigrant. He says every other country controls his borders. Does he really know that little about the rest of the world? Or maybe he thinks he audience does.
Computer just wiped out everything written the last couple minutes. I hate Windows 8, unless it’s HP’S fault it’s crash prone. Cripes, is Fiorina still running it? Web stream lost. Back as soon as I can.
I think I lost about 10 minutes of debate there, so if there’s something huge I entirely missed, that’s likely why. I missed from Bartiromo asking one of her factually challenged questions to Fiorina about small business, and Paul is now talking about his tax plan. He just said get rid of the payroll tax. Good grief. Businesses will pay for that, sure.
Bartiromo asks Cruz how he can cut taxes so deep without running up debt. Cruz’s answer is government is corrupt and the tax code is bigger than the bible. Cruz wants some sort of flat tax. He gets rid of every tax and the IRs, and the effect is “incredible” economic growth. I think he just claimed double digit economic growth. Makes Bush’s 4% seem reasonable. Developed economies almost never do that, and not for long. Challenged he didn’t say how he would pay for it, Cruz cites imaginary growth through dynamic scoring. That’s the economic equivalent of the tooth fairy.
She asks Bush if he’ll do tax reform his first year. Typical for any Bush, nothing is more important than cutting rich people’s taxes. OK, be fair, all Republicans think that now. Cites importance of dinky tax cuts to people on modest incomes. Says Hillary will destroy the economy with more taxes and regulation.
Rubio challenged on his plan adding a new entitlement. He responds by saying the most important job is being a parent and his tax reform will be pro-family. Whatever that means. Says in some places child care costs more than college. He’ll have a tax credit, but he’s elsewhere said only for those paying income taxes, so anyone on lower income is pretty much left out. Paul accuses of Rubio of welfare transfer payments. Add on a trillion dollars new defense spending and he’s not really conservative. Rubio says we let business write off business expenses but no help for investing in your family. Actually a good point. Paul pushes on increased defense spending, Rubio makes it sound like we’re about to be destroyed by China or ISIS. Paul says more debt makes us less safe. Calls increased defense spending “liberal”. Sure liberals are all about more defense spending. Cruz and Fiorina trying to jump in. Cruz ignores the time bell. Fiorina ignores it too and repeats zero based budgeting. Did the moderators head out for coffee?
Someone will have to make a mashup video of Fiorina saying “zero based budgeting” over and over. Now Trump needs to jump in on wanting a bigger military. Oooh, I think a moderator is there, but he can’t complete a sentence as Kasich complains about fairness.
Baker asks Trump about TPP. Says most economists support free trade. Trump says deal designed for China to take advantage. Whatever anyone thinks of TPP, excluding China is actually a key part. Trump says US loses on trade. Imbalances with China, Japan, Mexico. Now Trump all for free trade. Yes, US imports more than exports — we have about the only healthy economy. Does anyone there get that you can’t have a strong dollar and more exports? Paul points out China not part of the deal. Is he reading this? Spooky. Paul talks about executive getting stronger. That was one of those sane moments that make Democrats think Paul isn’t so bad. At least until he gets gold buggy or something again.
Bartiromo asks Carson about his opposition to ground troops in Middle East conflicts. Says Putin is trying to spread his influence. Says the Chinese are there too. Avoids saying anything about what he would do. My guess is he has no idea. He wants to destroy the jihadists caliphate. We could take their oil easily. We could contain them. Yes, he was that incoherent.
Bush says Islamic terrorism is the biggest threat we face. Obama doing nothing. Bush demands Obama do basically what Obama is already doing. We need to lead. Sure, no one has thought of that before.
Trump asked about “Russia’s aggression”. Says Iran deal worst contract ever. Other than, you know, so far it’s working. Trump all for Russia attacking ISIS. On Ukraine, why is US doing all the work when countries in region do nothing. OMG, Trump actually thinking in more nuanced ways than his opponents. Bush says we can’t be the policeman, but we have to be the leader. Trump says we don’t know who the rebels are. Wow, Trump is actually thinking this through much more than Bush. OK, that’s a low bar. Trump thinks we should have kept the oil. I assume he means Iraq. Old fashioned imperialism anyone?
Fiorina says she would’t be talking to Putin right now because we’re weak. She repeats her list of military terms like in the first debate. Like a kid passing a spelling test having no idea what the words mean. She says Obama should be doing stuff that he’s actually already doing. Doesn’t anyone on that stage have a clue?
Cavuto asks Paul about including the Iranians on talks regarding Syria. Paul points out some want a no-fly zone where Russia already is flying. First war in Iraq was a mistake. Fiorina interrupts Paul, Paul complains, Trump accuses Fiorina of interrupting everyone, Rubio tries to interrupt. Cavuto points out Paul critical of prior decisions without saying what he would do. Rubio calls Putin a gangster. He says the Russian economy is a disaster. Leaves out this is due to sanctions Obama administration convinced other countries to abide by. Rubio is off on the jihadi domino theory.
Baker asks Kasich whether he would stop Chinese investment in the US and about Chinese cyber attacks. And the web stream is down. How do people who don’t watch TV but use the internet for everything deal with this? OK, back in time to hear Kasich claiming credit for balancing the budget when he was in Congress. Never mind he was enjoying the Clinton economy and a revenue stream including tax increases no Republican voted for. GOP got the majority in Congress in time to claim partial credit. Correction, to claim all the credit. A pet peeve of mine, why do governors get to brag they balanced their budget when states have to, and they have the feds to back them up?
Bush says we should have higher capital requirements so no more bank bailouts are needed. Says Dodd-Frank did n’t do that. Yes, it did. He tries to somehow blame Hillary for it. Bush cites one bank that was responsible and has higher compliance costs. So because this one bank didn’t screw around, we shouldn’t have stronger regulation of the many which blew apart the economy? Bush says Hillary wantsto double down on the Obama approach. Well, good.
Carson says banks shouldn’t be allowed to enlarge themselves. Does he get only stronger regulation can prevent that? Says 100 years after declaring independence we were the biggest economy in the world. Another history fail for Carson. Says regulation costing us money. Says the poor notice when prices are up a bit. He might have vaguely veered toward answering the question, which was whether he would break up the big banks. He says he would have policies so everything would be great. Rubio jumps in to blame government for banks getting bigger. It was actually deregulation that allowed that. He would repeal Dodd-Frank because it protects the big banks. That must be why the big banks love Dodd-Frank and give all their campaign donations to Democrats. Oh, wait…
Cavuto asks Cruz if he would reign in Wall Street and go after the crooks. Cruz says he would go after them, and he wouldn’t bail them out. As much as I distrust big banks and hate that no one stood trial for massive crimes, without the bailout, the financial system would have collapsed and we would have gone into a depression. The bailout didn’t have to be done that way, but it had to be done. Cavuto presses Cruz if he would let Bank of America fail, and Cruz says yes. Dodd-Frank is supposed to allow a controlled descent, not a crash. Do any of these candidates actually understand this law they criticize so much? Cruz goes gold bug. Says Fed should be lender of last resort. That’s what it already does. At least Cavuto seems to be getting that these candidates are idiots on economics. Kasich jumps in to say executives like himself don’t get the luxury of philosophy when crises happen. He is right about that. Cruz asks why bail out banks and not mom and pop, Kasich points out that’s a phony question. Cruz accuses him of abandoning principle. Audience boos protecting depositors. Wow. Bet they want their FDIC protection if their bank fails. Win for Kasich. Of course, I’m judging based on facts and practicality, not bubblonian ideological perfection.
Fiorina steps in to spout ideologically correct nonsense. Says Fannie and Freddie decided to create a bubble. Banks told by government to buy other banks. I guess she doesn’t think fact checkers have enough to dig into yet. Calls financial regulation socialism. Maybe we’re seeing why after she was dumped by HP, no other corporation would have her.
Hear myth, repeat myth, ignore fact check, repeat. One thing I don’t like about debates is liars win. The audience doesn’t know in the moment who is factually right, and only news junkies read the fact checking.
Closing statements? Stream started in the middle of a sentence. Rubio repeating his generational change schtick. Political left has no ideas about the future. Complete BS, but that’s his theme. Cruz says everything Hillary put her hand to as SOS is terrible. True, except for the stuff that went right.
Cavuto asks Trump if letting corporations get a tax holiday on profits stored overseas isn’t a giveaway. Trump talks about inversions instead. I’ll help Trump on this one: yes, it’s a giveaway to wealthy tax dodging corporations. Trump says money will pour back in. Ignores that we’ve tried that before and it doesn’t work that way.
Bartiromo asks Paul about workign toward climate change while working on domestic energ development. Paul would repeal Obama measures to reign in greenhouse gas emissions. Paul says climate has always changed. That’s denialism. Accuses Obama of destroying Kentucky. Wants more fossil fuels.
Bush brings up Solyndra. Actually, that loan program turned a profit and Solyndra was the exception. He’s correct natural gas use contributed to carbon dioxide reduction, though I notice he didn’t explicitly say it was coal that gas replaced. Doesn’t want to annoy people who blame solely Obama and environmental regulations for the coal industry’s decline.
Closing statements. Paul says we’re the most humanitarian and free country ever, but we borrow money. He goes after military spending, and wins points with Democrats on that. Kasich worries about life for his 16-year-old if Hillary or Bernie win. Fiorina says a Hillary presidency will mean the military deteriorates and veterans will be neglected. Hillary will “corrode” the character of the nation. Fiorina accuses someone else of lying, really. Bush wants to rebuild the military and the VA. Cruz mentions again his father fled Cuba. America is in crisis now. Anyone heck the latest job reports? Not Cruz. Rubio blames both parties for DC being out of touch. Free enterprise will save the American dream. Carson cites debt increase and abortions and veteran suicides that took place during the debate. Blames political correctness. Trump talks about his great company. Calls Hillary worst SOS ever. I guess he forgot Iraq under Bush.
Cavuto says debate was riveting even though about business issues. This was about business issues? Fox Business heaps praise on their own debate. Um, OK. Gerard Baker was good. Even Neil Cavuto. As for Maria Bartiromo, my prior comments still stand. I won’t claim to say who won, because I don’t see it the same way as a Republican primary voter. I thought they all got their facts wrong and spoke nonsense.
Now it’s just each candidate’s spinmaster talking about how great their candidate was (Rubio’s guy earning his pay), so I’m out of here.
Not so fast. Two things. One, the state DFL was live-tweeting. Second, I post this stuff on Twitter with the hashtag #ThisGuyWantsToBePresident.

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