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Time to Point the Stinky Blame Finger

by Dog Gone on August 18, 2015 · 1 comment

This dedication to job creation has been a promise made not only by Boehner and McConnell, and the right wing members of Congress.


It is a promise made as well by the various governors and members of state legislatures on the right.


NONE of them have delivered.


States like Kansas, Wisconsin and Louisiana, with right wing supermajorities and control of the governor’s chairs, are all at the bottom of the lists for job creators, at the top of lists of sweetheart deals and give-aways to big business and to the wealthy 1%. These states are all in poor health by most metrics, including schools, infrastructure such as bridges and roads, lowered credit ratings for the state, and worst in budget deficits to pay for necessary services.

In contrast, liberal states are tending to do much better.


This is what the face of failure looks like. This is the face of failure of economic policy and right wing ideology. This is the face of failed values expressed in government action and inaction.


This is EPIC failure of the most endemic, systemic and pernicious kind. It is an indictment of right wing governance and belief. It is a failure to live up to promises. Only those who seek to vote against their own interests and the interests of the nation would continue to vote for these people and policies.


It is time to hold not only the politicians and policy-makers accountable, it is time to hold those who vote for them accountable as well. This means underlining these failures to conservative family and friends, and pointing the stinky blame finger at them for voting for these people and for supporting these failed policies and legislative failures. Those voters enable the actions of the failures of and in government.
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From Mac Hall: Did you read MinnPost article The GOP has controlled both houses of Congress for seven months. How’s that going?
Noticeable in the article is that the word JOBS was never mentioned once.
The “successes” they have listed … much like the ones that Erik Paulsen cited on TPT Almanac last Friday, were minor bills approved without objection.
What the Republicans have pushed is tax cuts … for business.
Take the repeal of the medical device tax which numerous studies has shown has not been the “job-killer” they promote it as … the repeal would mean that a company like Medtronic would get $135 million to pursue acquisitions and stock buybacks. Or, Paulsen’s other cause … cutting the excise tax on beer … monies that the consumer will never see but the owner will.
The MinnPost story had a great line from Keith Ellison … Overall, he gave Congress an “F.” “The only reason it’s not an F minus is that they haven’t shut down the government,” Ellison said.

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