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Tom Emmer’s Minnesota

by rachel_nygaard on August 13, 2010 · 4 comments

Touting the slogan that he will ‘take back the state’, many wonder who exactly he is taking the state from? Back from the 24 straight years of republican leadership? Or just back from Governor Tim Pawlenty?

Do Emmer’s policies give us an idea of how he want’s to ‘take back the state’?
Education: As representative he voted against funding K-12 and higher ed, against background checks for coaches and against both anti-bullying policies.  In his ‘truth about costs’ video he makes the assertion that 80% of cost increases for education have been in teacher salaries. He even makes the analogy that in the private sector employees get raises based on the employees value to the company and the companies profits for the year. This does not sound like Tom Emmer will invest in our children’s futures.

Environment: Emmer is against capping greenhouse gas emissions, against funding for natural resources and even against clean water.  

Women in the workplace: With the notorious ‘waiters make 100K‘ gaff, Emmer is clearly out of touch with reality.  Many women work in service jobs because it gives them the flexibility to juggle their home lives.  Will Emmer support women struggling to make ends meet? For someone who claims to be so ‘pro-family’ his record doesn’t show it. Subsidized day care? voted no. Health insurance for poor children? voted no.  Will we ever even hear about pay equality or paid maternity leave from the GOP? I’m going to go with no.

Reproductive rights: Absolutely against.  Women don’t have the right to choose in Tom Emmer’s Minnesota.  Emmer is also against sex education and family planning services.

LGBT: Emmer does not believe that gay couples should be able to have children through surrogacy. One of his most disturbing qualities comes from his friends who call for the execution of homosexuals.

Taxes: Cut, cut, cut. The issue is, we’ve had years of this mantra and MN doesn’t have a better economy than when it started, schools and hospitals are not better off and property taxes have gone through the roof.  We need a balances approach.  Making government more efficient and increasing revenue so the middle and lower class of MN can get some much needed relief.

Immigration: Emmer is for a Arizona-like law for MN.  

Health Care: Emmer is pretty squishy on this point, but his big idea of purchasing health insurance across state lines I’ve written about previously. Bottom line: bad idea.

So, where exactly does Tom Emmer want to take Minnesota? Back to a time where women and minorities don’t see the same liberties that we have today. Where schools and hospitals are crumbling. Where the natural beauty of MN is polluted. This is not the legacy that we want to leave to our children.  We cannot afford to make our Minnesota Tom Emmer’s Minnesota.  

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