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Top Minnesota employers continue their war on wages and benefits

by Mike Kiepe on October 28, 2016 · 1 comment

Three of the top six employers in Minnesota are fighting better wages and benefits for Minnesota voters.
Mayo Clinic is busting their food service union. Good paying jobs with benefits will be outsourced to sub-contractor Sodexo who plans to pay poverty wages with no benefits.
Allina Health System attacked pay and benefits for, and security demands by, nurses for weeks. The nurses fought back since Labor Day and although an agreement was made, they still feel Allina’s assault on their value as healthcare professionals and human beings.
The University of Minnesota wants to segregate their faculty and are practically begging for a massive, statewide strike like we see in Pennsylvania.
Voters love Minnesota’s vibrant economy and world class quality of life. Our biggest employers, who benefit from subsidies and our states standard of living, need to share these values with voters.

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