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Trump is seriously screwing with farmers, again

by Dan Burns on May 30, 2018

trump33I know that this sort of thing is getting tiresome, but it’s still very relevant.

The most obvious casualty of that earlier round of threats was US farmers, who stood to lose a enormous portion of their export market. Then Trump declared that the problem had been solved, when a week ago China and the US supposedly reached a broad agreement that would see China buy more instead of less. So much more that, according to Trump, China would buy “practically as much as our Farmers can produce.” However, everything from last week now seems to be out the window, and Trump is once again promising a “final list” of items to face tariffs. Farmers are once again the most likely to immediately suffer from any retaliation.
(Daily Kos)

Also note that Minnesota Senate District 13 is farm country.

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