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Trump isn’t killing Meals on Wheels. But that’s not the point.

by Dan Burns on March 17, 2017 · 2 comments

trump14Something directly stating or at least very strongly implying that the Trump budget proposal, if passed, would end the Meals on Wheels program for seniors was a common sight on the Internet, yesterday. Per Snopes and others, that’s not accurate. Only a small amount of the program’s funding, it varies from place to place but apparently always less than 5%, comes from the Community Development Block Grant program that the Trump budget would eliminate. With need rising, this is certainly not the time to be considering any cuts from any source; quite the contrary. But most of the extraordinarily righteous work that Meals on Wheels does is not at immediate risk.

This brings us to the wide and fuzzy line between political hyperbole and outright falsehood. I suppose that headlines like “Trump would end funding for Meals on Wheels” or “Trump wants to starve seniors,” are on that line, at best. (Those aren’t real-world examples, just generalizations of what I’ve seen. They‘re not outright false. Federal funding for Meals on Wheels from CDBG would end, and the sociopathic Trump doesn‘t care if people are malnourished, except insofar as it might hurt him politically.) But the Trump proposal is, on the whole, indeed a savage assault, especially on the vulnerable.

Given the critical need to stop Pr*sident Trump and his vile minions, this is not the time to get hung up on prim niceties when making important points. I generally try to be a little more careful in my own blogging. But that doesn’t mean that that’s always the way to go. I don’t see a need to leave useful attention-drawing tactics aside, given what’s at stake. The other side certainly doesn’t. Quite the contrary.
Here’s a pretty detailed, yet relatively concise, article from the Washington Post that lays out what’s really in the thing.
Comments below fold.

From Dog Gone: While Rump cuts to the social safety network are not singlehandedly dooming Meals on Wheels, the combined efforts of similarly thinking right wing ideologues together at every level of government from local to federal ARE trying to gut funding for programs like Meals on Wheels. Apparently in favor of spending a bundle on WW III and on both deepening and widening the wealth and income inequality chasm. So while point well taken the Rumpanzees are more or less raping, looting and pillaging in every way possible no matter how you parse it.
The only question really is how long before the pain and loss of that kicks in to his supporters.
From Mac Hall: If it’s true that Government grants made up just $248,347 of the Meals-on-Wheels funding, that is an easy number that Congress could offset … just tell Erik Paulsen to stop sending those mass mailings (FYI – 2016 taxpayers paid $77,177.33 for Franked Mail), tele-town hall meetings ( let’s put in another $20K), bonuses to his staff (another $20K) and were halfway there.
Considering how Paulsen would rather spending YOUR tax dollars on mailers, the message to seniors is “Let ’em eat paper”.

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