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Trump looks to screw farmers

by Dan Burns on June 7, 2017

cornTo be a farmer you have to have a lot of common sense. So it doesn’t add up that farmers tend to be politically conservative. Until, that is, you look at the other factors at play, like the (among many others) socio-political attitudes with which they were raised, a tendency to still get their “information” from corporate media, and the pervasive influence of old, bad habits.

U.S. farm groups on (May 23) pushed back against President Donald Trump’s proposal to slash agriculture spending, viewing it as a fresh threat to a struggling farm economy.
The White House on (May 22) proposed $46.54 billion in cuts to federal government funding for the agriculture sector over the next 10 years, including limits on federal subsidies for crop insurance premiums. Congress has the final say on the government’s budget and lawmakers said the president’s plan stands little chance of passing…
Farmers in the U.S. agricultural heartland overwhelmingly supported Trump last November and are struggling with low crop prices that are hurting incomes.
“This budget seems to really go after the people that got the president elected,” said Zack Clark, director of government relations for the National Farmers Union.

This next article is a few weeks old. I looked around a little, and the information on who is being picked seems to have not changed.

President Donald Trump and his agriculture secretary, Sonny Perdue, are finally getting around to staffing key positions at the US Department of Agriculture, reports the trade journal AgWeb. Surprising no one who watched the chaotic process that finally ended with Trump settling on Perdue as USDA chief, the rumored picks to fill top USDA roles are a bunch of agribiz flacks and political hacks.
(Mother Jones)

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